Dec 2015

XP Deus finds rocks from outer space!

Meteorite Hunting with my XP DEUS Detector

Here is a stunning picture of Twinks largest Franconia meteorite find.
by Twink Monrad
Having hunted for meteorites at two meteorite strewn fields in the past, my detecting partner Don Morin and I were anxious to try out our new detectors at the two locations:  Gold Basin in northwestern Arizona and Franconia near Lake Havasu.
Both of these locations have yielded gold as well as meteorites. We used meteorites from prior trips to test with our XP DEUS machines and found that the Goldfield setting worked great for both.

Detailed Review Of Makro Gold Racer By Steve Herschbach

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Steve has become the most respected metal detector reviewer on the planet! He has a passion to create unbiased, comprehensive,d detailed reviews.

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Steve Herschbach

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The Makro Gold Racer has been one of my most anticipated new VLF metal detectors in years. This completely new model represents something I have wanted for a very long time – a high frequency VLF metal detector that does not skimp for features, in particular as regards discrimination options.