Feb 2014

Deus XP metal detector dealership

Detectoraid is proud to announce that were now a fully authorized dealer for XP Metal Detectors.
The Deus 3.2 is a revolutionary metal detector that is fully wireless. Yep fully wireless no coil cable no battery cable no headphone cable.
XP Detectors founded in 1998 is well known respected brand in Europe and England, released in late 2012 to the US market the Dues has quickly established market share.

  • Andy Sabisch, Author Seneca, SC

    "After removing three rusted nails, I was wondering if this had been what the Deus had responded to but took some additional dirt from the bottom and dumped it on my cloth. The probe indicated the target was in a clump of dirt. I found a 1936 Wheat cent which had been about 8" deep surrounded by three nails - pretty impressive in my book and not a bad "first find". Clearly the design is innovative, the weight & balance phenomenal and the wireless aspect makes hunting in underbrush a great plus."

  • James Clynick, Author Toronto, ON Canada

    "In my series of "how-to" books I've often said that becoming skilled with a detector basically involves developing a large number of "things to try" and knowing when to do so. The XP Deus is extremely well-designed for this approach. In my opinion, the XP Deus is an innovative new machine whose potential is only limited by how far your interest and enthusiasm can take you."

  • Ray Rash, DEUS Owner Eldorado Springs, MO

    "The weight of the detector is awesome. Most 10-year-old kids could swing this thing for hours without fatigue. Anyone physically challenged by the weight of the average detector should give the Deus a test run. It is like a laser in the heavy nails and will hit the smallest little targets in between the nails. Ground balance is a breeze. Pinpointing is easy if not the easiest of any DD coiled machine I have had the pleasure to use."