Jan 2014

Goldprospectorsspace Radio

Goldprospectorsspace radio is a place for the gold prospecting community to gather and talk about gold prospecting and much more including live guest from all over the world who will talk about how and where they search for gold ..also stop by our site at Goldprospectorsspace.com/ for much more prospecting information including videos ,photos , chat, giveaways,and much more ....music provided with permission from-Bobby freedom.

Our Guest this week will be Gary Sturgill He is the Trade Show Manager for the Gold Prospectors Association of America, He was also the Director for Chapters before he took over as the Trade Show Manager. If you have any questions about the Gpaa call in. So Come Listen To Our Show: Gold Prospectors Space Radio .. For Prospectors and Treasure Hunters..All aspects are covered each week, Drywashing, Dredging, Highbanking, Sluicing, Fine Gold Recovery, Hard Rock Mining and much more..Join us this Thursday, Jan 2, at 8:30 PM Est, call in with questions or comments..Join the the Gold Gang for News and Entertainment..http://en.1000mikes.com/show/goldprospectorsspace_radio

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