Metal detectors

XP Deus finds rocks from outer space!

Meteorite Hunting with my XP DEUS Detector

Here is a stunning picture of Twinks largest Franconia meteorite find.
by Twink Monrad
Having hunted for meteorites at two meteorite strewn fields in the past, my detecting partner Don Morin and I were anxious to try out our new detectors at the two locations:  Gold Basin in northwestern Arizona and Franconia near Lake Havasu.
Both of these locations have yielded gold as well as meteorites. We used meteorites from prior trips to test with our XP DEUS machines and found that the Goldfield setting worked great for both.

Detech Detecting Coils

Ive Just gotten a shipment of Detech coils from the distributer to evaluate.
Some of you may have seen these coils before, they’ve become popular with the VLF users.

Here is the 18”x12” Mono and the 8” Mono with a few gold nuggets found by Rege Podraza in the Mariposa district in central California’s Mother Load.
This area is well know for its gold in highly mineralized ground and EMI. A great place to test any detector and coils.



GPX, GP, AND SD SERIES DETECTORS and the WHITES TDI line of detectors

All Detech coils are made using the highest quality materials. The housings are made of UV protected material, their inside is covered with chopped-strand material for a better shock resistance. We use resins, which are “transparent” to the electromagnetic waves, and offer perfect shielding. The coils are water proof and operate in a wide temperature range. The searchcoils are all equipped with an excellent fitting cover, (skid plate) and have a two year full warranty.

All Detech coils and accessories are shipped direct to you from the manufacturer POSTAGE FREE. Delivery usually takes 8-10 days.

Please enquire on shipments to Central and South America as there may be an additional postage fee.


Gold prospecting with the XP DEUS

First some links to success stories,

XPgold prospectiong copy
Thats my normal reaction when I here about a “new” metal detector. Im a hands on type that needs to see it to believe it. So when my good friend Merton told me about this new French detector, I was more then a bit skeptical. That is until I started researching the stories that were being shared on social media.

This is truly a revolutionary detector in more then one way. First it's totally wireless, the coil has no cable connecting it to a control box. No headphone cable to tangle or break.
Second with the computer in the coil the signal is processed faster allowing for precision and speed.

In my research I came across a couple of YouTube videos that demonstrated the XP DEUS's recovery speed and target separation. There is simply not another detector on the market today can match its performance at picking out good targets amongst the iron rubbish. Here’s a link to a great video that demonstrates this.

What makes is important for me is that I hunt coins and gold nuggets in the mining camps of the Old West, the sites covered with rusty tin cans, nails and wire. Having a metal detector that can ferret out the good targets from amongst the trash is worth its weight in gold!

XP Deus!
A technological breakthrough!
The XP Deus marks a technological breakthrough and is real innovation in metal detectors.

It's patented architecture is based on three elements: a coil, a remote control and a set of audio headphones, which are unique in that they communicate with each other via a digital radio link.

Through the incorporation components developed for leading-edge technologies, they use it achieves power, speed and precision, all in a lightweight compact design.
The search coil contains the essential components for processing the signal, which no longer need to be conveyed via wire link. The signal is digitalized and analyze directly at the source by ultra miniature digital circuit, this greatly improves the quality of the signal acquisition. The circuit, which is integrated in the detection had, process the information and send it to both the headphones and the remote control in real-time via a digital wireless radio link.

Full 5 year warranty!
Four frequencies 4 to shift kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz plus the ability to shift each frequency plus or minus to eliminate interference from nearby detectors.

Audio response, iron level, multi tone, notch, discrimination etc...
Expert mode features many advanced functions.
Several ground balance options: tracking, pumping, manual, beach.
For non-motion modes with audio and meter discrimination.
Extended discrimination range, with even greater precision for iron.
Preconfigured factory programs. Nine switch on and go programs. With eight user-defined slots for custom programs.
Wireless remote digital link, 36 channels of automatic selection.
Ultralight weight detector: 2 lbs. 4 oz. full, 1 lb. 15 oz. without wireless control box
Remote control is pocket-sized, graphic display backlight and intuitive screen. 9 inch carbon fiber infused coil, both light and waterproof.
Wireless headphones, with its own operating controls and screen, weatherproof housing
USB standard protocol to recharge and download new software via XP website.
Lithium battery.
Battery life: coil +-16 hours, remote and headphone +-27 hours.
Fasten intelligent charger, charging simultaneously the three elements from one USB port.
Optional coils 11 inch and a 13 x 11.


XP Deus custom progams

Here are a few custom programs for your XP DEUS

GB: manual 88 (or tracking, depending on the soil)
DISC: 1.0 and Full tones
SENS: 90, TX Power: 2
FREQ: 11.6

"HOT SPOTS" on farm fields (not as deep):
GB: manual 90
DISC: 4.0 and Full tones
SENS: 90, TX Power 2
FREQ 17.6
REACTIVITY 3 and Silencer -1

I'm using v3.1
-sensitivity 92 (or whatever the area will allow)
-frequency 8k
-iron 0
-disc 0
-reactivity. 0 (low trash) bump as needed
-silencer. 0
-audio response 2
-audio over load. 1
-5 tone
- tones
0-10. : 200hz
10-43. 300hz
44-48. 800hz
49-78. 300hz
79-99. 800hz
I ran notches 0-30 & 97-99

Depth Program
Disc- 0 Sens- 92
4 Tones 200-200-317-791
Threshold 2&3-22 3&4-80
Frequency - 12 Reactivity 0 (still faster than any other detector)
TX Power-3 Iron vol-3 Notch-0
Silencer 1 Audio Resp-2 Audio Overload-0
*When you turn your Deus on make sure the coil is about 3 feet off the ground & run GB on Tracking*

Simple tweaks to Deus Fast ( This program works very well in trashy areas)
Frequency 12
Disc 10
Iron Vol. 2
3 Tones 1- 200 2- 400- 3- 800 Keep the same break points as factory
GB 90

Good Overall Program (Make these tweaks to Basic 1)
Freq- 12
Disc- 30
Reac- 2
Sens- 95
5 Tones to your preference GB-90


Deus XP metal detector dealership

Detectoraid is proud to announce that were now a fully authorized dealer for XP Metal Detectors.
The Deus 3.2 is a revolutionary metal detector that is fully wireless. Yep fully wireless no coil cable no battery cable no headphone cable.
XP Detectors founded in 1998 is well known respected brand in Europe and England, released in late 2012 to the US market the Dues has quickly established market share.

  • Andy Sabisch, Author Seneca, SC

    "After removing three rusted nails, I was wondering if this had been what the Deus had responded to but took some additional dirt from the bottom and dumped it on my cloth. The probe indicated the target was in a clump of dirt. I found a 1936 Wheat cent which had been about 8" deep surrounded by three nails - pretty impressive in my book and not a bad "first find". Clearly the design is innovative, the weight & balance phenomenal and the wireless aspect makes hunting in underbrush a great plus."

  • James Clynick, Author Toronto, ON Canada

    "In my series of "how-to" books I've often said that becoming skilled with a detector basically involves developing a large number of "things to try" and knowing when to do so. The XP Deus is extremely well-designed for this approach. In my opinion, the XP Deus is an innovative new machine whose potential is only limited by how far your interest and enthusiasm can take you."

  • Ray Rash, DEUS Owner Eldorado Springs, MO

    "The weight of the detector is awesome. Most 10-year-old kids could swing this thing for hours without fatigue. Anyone physically challenged by the weight of the average detector should give the Deus a test run. It is like a laser in the heavy nails and will hit the smallest little targets in between the nails. Ground balance is a breeze. Pinpointing is easy if not the easiest of any DD coiled machine I have had the pleasure to use."


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