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Detector Prospector
Here’s a new website and forum for us gold prospectors and metal detector operators, Detector Prospector!
A website dedicated to prospecting for gold and other precious items using metal detectors, suction dredges, sluice boxes, gold pans, and more
Created by Steve Herschbach, the former owner of Alaska mining and diving supply.
Steve has established a reputation as an expert in the use of metal detectors for gold prospecting.
What Steve is probably best known for, is his extensive “how to” guides for prospectors.
So if you’re a seasoned professional, or just starting out in the hobby and your looking for the latest information and reviews on the newest detectors, and prospecting equipment, bookmark Detector Prospector.

Evan Granger's Gone Hunting for history Video Blog, a top site for detecting fans!

Calvin Bunkster,
A highly sought after instructor "Bunk" is accepting bookings for the winter prospecting season in central AZ
Get professional electronic gold prospecting instructions @ famous RIch Hill AZ
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Gus Peppley has created a new website, it’s up and running @ . This site has some great specimens and nuggets for sale. Be sure to visit his photo gallery.
I’ve known Gus for many years, he’s a talented detector operator, when you combine that with a top notch researcher and tireless hunter and you’ll soon realize that this is why he is so successful at locating such amazing examples of natural gold nuggets and specimens.

Here is a customer’s account
Michelle from Idaho writes,
"My husband started collecting different kinds of natural gold as a hobby and also long term investment. The piece I purchased from you (which he loves) is even more beautiful in person. He says your prices are very reasonable for the quality of specimens. Shipping was fast and accurate. The nice round display holder you shipped it in protects our investment and is a great idea too. We look forward to doing more business in the future when the right pieces come along." - Michelle

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A claim owners co-op with limited membership.

Western States Prospecting Association

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Arizona Outback


Gold buyers and Sellers
Artisan sourced using green mining methods.

Au Essence

Natural Gold Trader