Videos of Metal Detectors
You can watch videos here about correct usage of treasure and all other detector models of Makro Detectors.
Brochures and User Manuals
You can find here to examine and download the brochures, user manuals and quick guides of all our products.
Success Stories
You can find here success stories from detector users that has been send to us especially for publish.

The diversity of its product range, as well as its focus on customer satisfaction renders MAKRO METAL DETECTORS the choice of all levels and classes of users for Gold, Single Coin, Treasure, Depth Searching, Mineral Exploration, Military, Ballistic, Technical, Industrial, and Security applications.

MAKRO METAL DETECTORS Research and Development specialists as well as its experienced and trained executive staff aimed to meet its customers expectations fully through continuous experiments and improvements, in order to become a rising name in the industry through achieving robust support, reliable sales, and fast service network.
MAKRO METAL DETECTORS is a metal detectors manufacturer that operates in the detector industry since 1986. It targets continuous improvement through its innovative and dynamic structure and is globally preferred for its experience and advanced technology.

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