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Marko Racer
Marko Racer

Configuration details: Makro Racer Standard Package. Two year parts and labor warranty. Includes RC29 - DD Search Coil 29cm x 18.5cm (11" x 7"), search coil cover and headphones. Developed for searching coins, jewelry and relics, the Makro Racer metal detector offers you the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology and advanced design. The Racer features a simple, easy-to-use menu design and includes four pre-set detecting modes of All Metal, Two Tone, Three Tone and Beach.

4 Search Modes

All Metal
Two Tone
Three Tone

Frequency Shift
Easily eliminate interference from electromagnetic signals from your surroundings or from another detector operating at the same frequency range nearby.

5 Different Tones
Shifts frequency of target and threshold tonesPasted Graphic 2
Ground Balance with 3 Options

Magnetic Mineralization Indicator
Shows mineralization intensity of the ground

Extended Battery Life
Offers 25-30 hours continuous operation

Digital Target ID and ID Filtering

$ 649.00
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