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Accurturn Carbon Fiber Upper Shaft for ML
Accurturn Carbon Fiber Upper Shaft for ML
Accuturn MFG SuperLite CF Shaft for the Minelab SD/GP/GPX metal detector.
Replace the stock aluminum shaft. Made of high quality Carbon fiber.
CNC machined and assembled here in the U.S.A.

Aluminum stock uppers interfere with your metal detector’s signal, decreasing sensitivity and decreasing depth. Carbon fiber does neither. This is especially prevalent with coils above 12”. The larger the coil, the more the stock aluminum shaft interferes. And since this is a hobby, or in some cases a business, where fractions of an inch can mean hundreds of dollars in your pocket, don't you want every advantage you can have?

The carbon also weighs considerably less. Carbon is much stronger than aluminum.
Only 4.8oz vs the 7.5oz aluminum for the Minelab.

The shaft is made of pultruded carbon with a 3k twill wrap on the outside.
Our two piece shaft uses a cam twist lock, just like the one that came on your detector.
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