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Manufactory ware rawhide

Manufactory ware rawhide

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Prior to the adoption of the Sistema Central in the Mexican republic, the province of New Mexico was under a territorial government. Under the present system, however, New Mexico being a department , the names of these powers have been changed, but their functions remain very nearly the same.

The Gobernador governor is appointed by the President for eight years. But even this shadow of popular representation was 'prorogued' by Gov. Armijo soon after his accession to power five or six years ago , and has never since been convened; so that [p] its functions have been arbitrarily exercised by the governor ever since. The administration of the laws in Northern Mexico constitutes one of the most painful features of her institutions.

Justice, or rather judgments, are a common article of traffic; and the hapless litigant who has not the means to soften the claws of the alcalde with a 'silver unction,' is almost sure to get severely scratched in the contest, no matter what may be the justice of his cause, or the uprightness of his character.

It is easy to perceive, then, that the poor and the humble stand no chance in a judicial contest with the wealthy and consequential, whose influence, even apart from their facilities for corrupting the court and suborning witnesses, is sufficient to neutralize any amount of plebeian testimony that might be brought against them. The evil consequences arising from maladministration of justice in New Mexico are most severely felt by foreigners, against whom a strong prejudice prevails throughout the South.

It is a notorious fact, that while the English are universally treated with comparative consideration and respect, the Americans residing in the southern parts of the republic are frequently taunted with the effeminacy of their government and its want of decision. So openly has this preference for British subjects been manifested, and so thoroughly conscious have the Americans become of the humiliating fact, that when a mercantile firm, consisting of an American and an Englishman, has occasion to present a memorial of any description, or to sue either for an act of favor or of justice from the nation, the application is sure [p] to be made in the name of the latter, knowing it will thus be more likely to command proper attention.

Few men, perhaps, have done more to jeopard the interests of American traders, or to bring the American character itself into contempt, than Armijo, the present arbitrary governor of New Mexico. I am happy to say, however, that in the midst of his many oppressions, he was once at least obliged to 'knock under' to one of those bold and daring spirits of the Rocky Mountains whom obstacles rather energize than subdue.

This was about the year , during Armijo's previous governorship. A law was then in existence which had been enacted by the general Congress prohibiting foreigners from trapping beaver in the Mexican territory, under penalty of confiscation, etc. Baca and his successor Narbona thought it expedient to extend licenses to foreigners, in the name of citizens, upon condition of their taking a certain proportion of Mexicans to learn the art of trapping.

In pursuance of this disposition, Gov. Narbona extended a license to one Ewing Young, who was accompanied by a Mr. Sublette, brother of Capt. Sublette, and almost equally celebrated for his mountain adventures. To prevent this, they deposited them at a neighboring village, where they were afterwards discovered, seized, and confiscated.

In the meanwhile, Armijo raved, and threatened the Americans for not ferreting out their countryman and delivering him over to justice. Failing to produce any impression by blustering, however, he caused a couple of cannons to be pointed at the house where the offender was supposed to be concealed, declaring at the same time that he would batter it down; but all to no purpose.

Sublette finally conveyed his furs in safety to the frontier, and thence to the United States. The following anecdote affords another illustration of Armijo's summary mode of dealing with Americans. In the fall of , a gross outrage was committed upon a physician from Massachusetts said to be a gentleman of unexceptionable deportment , who was travelling through the country for his health.

He had loaned nine hundred dollars to a person of the name of Tayon, who afterwards borrowed the same amount of another foreigner and repaid this debt. The doctor then left for the South, where he intended to pass the winter, being afflicted with a pulmonary disease. But the individual who had lent Tayon the money, being informed that he was insolvent, applied to Gov. Armijo for an order to compel the doctor to return, expecting thereby to make him reimburse the money.

When the alcalde of Algodones received this document, he determined at once that so extraordinary an act of justice should cost the foreigner some trifle. Accordingly, another order was forged on the spot, commanding that he should be taken to the capital—yet a 'gentle hint' was given, that his liberty might be purchased by the payment of two hundred dollars.

Being in a land of strangers, among whom he had but little hope of receiving fair play, the doctor resolved to pay the amount demanded, and fly to Chihuahua, where he would at least be safe from Armijo's clutches. Having been informed, however, of the fraud [p] practised by the alcalde, before he had proceeded far on his journey, he returned and made an attempt to bring the delinquent officer to justice, but altogether without success.

In Taos, a poor deaf and dumb U. In San Miguel, the alcalde, at the head of a mob, entered the store of a Mr. Rowland, whom he robbed of a considerable amount of merchandise. Alvarez doubtless [p] owed his preservation partially to the consternation with which the failure of their clandestine attempt at his life inspired the cowardly ruffians. Instead of being punished for this diabolical act, the principal assassin, on the contrary, was soon after promoted in the army.

The outrage did not end here, however; for on the Consul's demanding his passport for the United States, it was refused for nearly a month; thus detaining him until the cold season had so far advanced, that, of his party about fifteen in number , two perished from the cold; and not one arrived without being more or less frost-bitten—some very severely—besides suffering a loss of about fifty animals from the same cause.

With a view of oppressing our merchants, Gov. Armijo had, as early as , issued a decree exempting all the natives from the tax imposed on store-houses, shops, etc. A protest was presented without effect; when our Consul, finding all remonstrances useless, forwarded a memorial to the American Minister at Mexico, [6] who, although the vital interests of American citizens were at stake, deemed the affair of too little importance, perhaps, and therefore appears to have paid no attention to it.

But this system of levying excessive taxes upon foreigners, is by no means an original invention of Gov. In , the government of Chihuahua having levied a contribucion de guerra for raising means to make [p] war upon the savages, who were laying waste the surrounding country, foreign merchants, with an equal disregard for their rights and the obligations of treaties, were taxed twenty-five dollars each per month; while the native merchants, many of whom possessed large haciendas, with thousands of stock, for the especial protection of which these taxes were chiefly imposed, paid only from five to ten dollars each.

Remonstrances were presented to the governor, but in vain. The only tribunals of 'justice' in New Mexico are those of the ordinary alcaldes or justices of the peace; and an appeal from them is carried to the Supreme Court in the department of Chihuahua.

The course of litigation is exceedingly simple and summary. The plaintiff makes his verbal complaint or demand before the alcalde, who orders him to summon the defendant, which is done by simply saying, " Le llama el alcalde " the alcalde calls you into his presence, the applicant acting thus in the double capacity of constable and complainant. The summons is always verbal, and rarely for a future time—instant attendance being expected.

Should the defendant refuse to obey this simple mandate which, by the bye, is a very rare occurrence , the alcalde sends his baston de justicia , his staff of justice, an ordinary walking-cane, distinguished only by a peculiar black silk tassel.

This never fails to enforce compliance, for a refusal to attend after being shown the staff, would be construed into a contempt of court, and punished accordingly. Generally speaking, however, the process of examination is gone through without a single oath being administered; and in the absence of witnesses, the alcalde often proceeds to sentence upon the simple statements of the contending parties.

By a species of mutual agreement, the issue of a suit is sometimes referred to hombres buenos arbitrators , which is the nearest approximation that is made to trial by jury. In judicial proceedings, however, but little, or rather no attention is paid to any code of laws; in fact, there is scarcely one alcalde in a dozen who knows what a law is, or who ever saw a law-book.

Their decisions, when not influenced by corrupt agencies, are controlled by the prevailing customs of the country. These fueros have hitherto maintained the ecclesiastical and military classes in perfect independence of the civil authorities.

The judgments of the latter, in [p] such cases, would be void. It is no wonder, then, that the cause of freedom in Mexico has made so little progress. Imprisonment is almost the only sort of punishment resorted to in the North. I never heard of but one execution for murder in New Mexico, since the declaration of independence. The most desperate and blood-stained criminals escape with impunity, after a few weeks of incarceration, unless the prosecutor happens to be a person of great influence; in which case, the prisoner is detained in the calabozo at will, even when the offence committed has been of a trivial character.

Notwithstanding this laxity in the execution of the laws, there are few murders of any kind committed. In case of debt, as before remarked, the delinquent is sent to jail—provided the creditor will not accept his services. This system does not operate, however, upon the higher classes, yet it acts with terrible severity upon the unfortunate poor, whose condition is but little better, if not worse indeed than that of the slaves of the South. They labor for fixed wages, it is true; but all they can earn is hardly sufficient to keep them in the coarsest clothing and pay their contingent expenses.

Men's wages range from two to five dollars a month, and those of women from fifty cents to two dollars; in payment of which, they rarely receive any money; but instead thereof, articles of apparel and other necessaries at the most exorbitant prices. The consequence is that the [p] servant soon accumulates a debt which he is unable to pay—his wages being often engaged for a year or two in advance.

Now, according to the usages, if not the laws of the country, he is bound to serve his master until all arrearages are liquidated; and is only enabled to effect an exchange of masters, by engaging another to pay his debt, to whom he becomes in like manner bound.

Nothing indeed can be left exposed or unguarded without great danger of its being immediately stolen. No husbandman would think of leaving his axe or his hoe, or anything else of the slightest value, lying out over night. Empty wagons are often pillaged of every movable piece of iron, and even the wheels have been carried away.

Pieces of merchandise are frequently purloined from the shelves, when they happen to be in reach. In Chihuahua, goods have actually been snatched from the counter while being exposed to the inspection of a pretended purchaser.

I once had a trick of this kind played upon me by a couple of boys, who made their escape through a crowd of spectators with their booty exposed. I then proffered the goods stolen, to any person who might succeed in bringing the rogues to me, but to no purpose. In fact there seems to exist a great deal of repugnance, even among the better classes, to apprehending thieves; as if the mere act of informing against them was considered dishonorable.

I heard a very respectable caballero once remark that he had seen a man purloin certain articles of merchandise, but he could not be induced to give [p] up his name; observing, "O, I can't think of exposing the poor fellow!

The utmost that can be gained now by public prosecution, is the recovery of the stolen property, if that be anywhere to be found, and occasionally a short period of imprisonment for the culprit.

This is more particularly the case when the prosecutor happens to be a foreigner; while on the other hand, if he be the party accused, he is likely to be subjected to very severe treatment. A remarkable circumstance of this kind occurred in Chihuahua in the year One of our most respectable Missouri merchants had bought a mule of a stranger, but the animal was soon after claimed by a third person, who proved that it had been stolen from him.

The Missourian would have been perfectly satisfied to lose the mule, and end the matter there; but to the surprise of all, he was directly summoned before an alcalde, and forthwith sentenced to jail: the partial judge having labored to fix the theft upon the innocent purchaser, while the real culprit, who was a native, was permitted to go at large. The love of gambling also deserves to be noticed as a distinguishing propensity of these people. There are other games at cards practised among these people, depending more upon skill; but that of el monte , being one exclusively of chance, seems to possess an all-absorbing attraction, difficult to be conceived by the uninitiated spectator.

The following will not only serve to show the light in which gambling is held by all classes of society, but to illustrate the purifying effects of wealth upon character. Some twelve or fifteen years ago there lived or rather roamed in Taos a certain female of very loose habits, known as La Tules. She there became a constant attendant on one of those pandemoniums where the favorite game of monte was dealt pro bono publico.

Fortune, at first, did not seem inclined [p] to smile upon her efforts, and for some years she spent her days in lowliness and misery. At last her luck turned, as gamblers would say, and on one occasion she left the bank with a spoil of several hundred dollars! This enabled her to open a bank of her own, and being favored by a continuous run of good fortune, she gradually rose higher and higher in the scale of affluence, until she found herself in possession of a very handsome fortune.

In , she sent to the United States some ten thousand dollars to be invested in goods. Among the multitude of games which seem to constitute the real business of life in New Mexico, that of chuza evidently presents the most attractions to ladies; and they generally lay very heavy wagers upon the result. It is played with little balls, and bears some faint resemblance to what is called roulette.

The cock-pit rarely fails to be crowded on Sundays and other feast days; on which occasions the church, the ball-room, the gambling-house, and the cock-pit look like so many opposition establishments; for nothing is more common than to see people going from one place to another by alternate fits, just as devotional feeling or love of pleasure happens to prompt them.

One of the most attractive sports of the rancheros and the peasantry, and that which, more than any other, calls for the exercise of skill and dexterity, is that called correr el gallo , [p] practised generally on St.

John's day. A common cock or hen is tied by the feet to some swinging limb of a tree, so as to be barely within the reach of a man on horseback: or the fowl is buried alive in a small pit in the ground leaving only the head above the surface. In either case, the racers, passing at full speed, grapple the head of the fowl, which being well greased, generally slips out of their fingers.

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A Book of Wonders requires but a brief introduction. Our title-page tells its own tale and forms the best exposition of the contents of the volume. Everything that is marvellous carries with it much that is instructive, and, in this sense, "Ten Thousand Wonderful Things," may be made useful for the highest educational purposes. Events which happen in the regular course have no claim to a place in any work that professes to be a register of what is uncommon; and were we to select such Wonders only as are capable of familiar demonstration, we should destroy their right to be deemed wondrous, and, at the same time, defeat the very object which we profess to have in view.

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Prior to the adoption of the Sistema Central in the Mexican republic, the province of New Mexico was under a territorial government. Under the present system, however, New Mexico being a department , the names of these powers have been changed, but their functions remain very nearly the same. The Gobernador governor is appointed by the President for eight years. But even this shadow of popular representation was 'prorogued' by Gov.

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Огромные светляки теперь плясали в воздухе над заросшими плющом футбольными воротами. - По-моему, нашим проводникам подобная медлительность начинает надоедать, - проговорила Николь. Если бы Ричард и Николь не были так утомлены двумя днями усердной ходьбы. если бы они уже не видели столько удивительных чудес этого инопланетного мира, уместившегося в Южном полуцилиндре Рамы, они, безусловно, пришли бы в восторг, узрев этот симбиотический комплекс, которому тем не менее пришлось посвятить несколько часов.

Оказалось, что ворота поросли вовсе не плющом.

Когда мы только высадились на Раме и еще не успели создать весь комплекс обслуживающих животных, нам приходилось пользоваться биотами для рутинных заданий.

Теперь нам снова понадобилась их помощь. - Но как вы даете им распоряжения. - поинтересовалась Николь.

Приближаясь к амбару. Макс приложил палец к губам. - Можешь сама переговорить с ними, - шепотом сказал. - Но, если верить этим крохотным персонам, в этом подземелье хватит места для всех нас; кстати, ты сама провела там первые годы своей жизни.

Она перебралась через него и в тенях перед собой заметила какое-то движение.

Последнюю неделю, - взволнованно произнес он, - я разрабатывал совершенно безумный, но великолепный план. Я знаю, как он опасен и, пожалуй, даже глуп, но, подобно всем прежним, новая идея не отпускает. Дважды я вставал с постели посреди ночи, чтобы обдумать детали. Я уже хотел рассказать тебе обо всем, но решил сперва убедиться в том, что это .

И, уж конечно, мы сообщим о вашем поступке всем членам - Валяй. - ответил Макс. Эпонина, Николь и Макс вышли в главный коридор, огибающий центральную часть "морской звезды". - Что представляет собой Совет.

- спросила Николь.

Итак, наша русалка курит. А знаете ли вы, что курение на многие годы сократит вашу жизнь. Обратившись к привычной теме, Эпонина уже хотела сказать мужчине, что RV-41 убьет ее задолго до того, как скажется пагубное влияние курения, однако решила не говорить ничего такого, что могло бы поощрить мужчин к продолжению разговора. Только улыбнулась, глубоко затянувшись дымом, и выпустила его вверх - в ветви дерева.

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