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Plant building electrons and electric players

Plant building electrons and electric players

Electric power was still a luxury few could afford when American industrialist James Buchanan Duke and his partners decided to build a clever system of lakes and dams on the Catawba River, which runs through the Carolinas. But Duke had a plan for growth. It was a humble beginning for what is now the largest electric utility in the United States. Known as Duke Energy, the company provides electricity to more than 24 million people in the Southeast and Midwest — with GE innovation quietly helping fuel its growth along the way. In , the company added its first nuclear power plant, and in the s, it became a big player in natural gas.

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It's hard to imagine our homes without electricity. There would be no TV, computer or video games. You'd have to do your homework by candlelight or oil lamps. You wouldn't be able to listen to your favourite bands on the radio or CD player — instead you'd have to make your own music! Electricity is a form of energy that starts with atoms. You can't see atoms because they're too small, but they make up everything around us. There are three parts to an atom: protons, neutrons and electrons.

Electricity is created when electrons move from atom to atom. There are a number of ways to make electrons move, but most electricity is produced at power plants. It all starts with a source of power. At Yukon Energy, we use water to create most of our electricity.

That's why most of our plants are called hydroelectric facilities: hydro means water. Power plants that use water to make electricity are built near rivers. Our Whitehorse plant, for instance, is on the Yukon River. Dams are built across rivers to hold back the water. The water is then directed through big pipes and it falls against the blades of giant turbines.

The turbines have blades on them that turn when the water hits them, just like the blades of a pinwheel turn when you blow on them. Once the water hits the blades, it returns to the river. The turbine blades are attached to a big metal rod, and at the end of that rod are large magnets. When the blades turn, they make the rod and the magnets spin very fast. The magnet end is surrounded by heavy coils of copper wire, and the spinning magnets cause electrons in the wire to begin to move, creating electricity.

It moves through wires into what's called a power transformer. The electrical voltage the strength at which electricity flows is fairly high and the transformer makes it even higher to help it flow through wires called transmission lines. Those wires are attached to wooden or metal poles that you see along roads and throughout communities.

All the wires are made of metal — usually aluminum or copper. That's because metal is a good conductor — electricity travels through it easily.

By the way, water is also a good conductor, and because our bodies are mostly made of water, electricity can travel through us easily. That's not something we want to happen though, because if we have electricity going through us we'll likely be seriously hurt or even killed. That's why grown-ups warn you to stay away from high voltage sites and not to stick your fingers in a wall plug.

Electricity travels fast — about , kilometres per second. If you moved that fast, you could probably make several trips around the world in the time it takes to turn on a light! Sometimes, when electricity has to travel a long way it gets a little weaker as it moves along the lines. It needs a boost like you need food to replace the energy you've burned after playing outside all day. That's where substations help. Substations are large box-like power transformers that sit in fenced-in areas.

You'll see signs on the fences that say "high voltage — stay away". It's really important that you obey those signs remember what you learned about electricity being able to travel easily through your body.

When wires reach your house, another transformer on the power pole makes the electricity just the right voltage so you can use it safely. The wire is connected to a meter box that keeps track of how much electricity is being used. There are wires in your house connected to plugs, also called outlets.

These outlets let you plug in your boombox, television set, or any thing else electrical. What an amazing journey electricity takes to get to your home! Why Serve Mines? How Electricity Gets to You It's hard to imagine our homes without electricity.

But what is electricity? How do power plants work? What happens to the electricity after that? How does electricity get into my house? Sustainability Commitment Conservation Community Commerce. Contact us. Ask Steph.

How Electricity Gets to You

Scientists at Cambridge University are investigating how plants can give us sustainable energy. They do this by collecting electrons released naturally by plants and turning them into electricity. You can even create your own algae solar panel. Reading Buses' "Bus Hound" was recorded doing a lap speed of

The startup has developed technology that uses heat to generate large amounts of electricity from a tiny generator — approximately the size of a shoebox. One of its biggest challenges has been integrating its diverse workforce. To ease communication, the founders made the management structure as flat as possible.

It's hard to imagine our homes without electricity. There would be no TV, computer or video games. You'd have to do your homework by candlelight or oil lamps. You wouldn't be able to listen to your favourite bands on the radio or CD player — instead you'd have to make your own music! Electricity is a form of energy that starts with atoms.

New Power Generation: Why America’s Largest Electric Utility Is Adding Renewables To Its Energy Mix

How and where we generate power is changing. When we use it is shifting. The grid itself is transforming from pipelines of electrons to supercomputers with millions of sensors and controllers that IBEW members will install and service and utilities will wield like a conductor of a symphony. Job responsibilities will change. Some traditional jobs will disappear while entirely new ones will arise, often in other places. The demand for workers who can light up the nation has never been higher-- but there are no guarantees that the new jobs will continue to be good jobs. Since Thomas Edison brought the Pearl Street power grid online in Manhattan in , the model for how we generate power and get it to customers has been remarkably resilient. Until recently, power has been generated in massive, always-on powerhouses burning coal close to major load centers like factories and cities, with help from dams and nuclear and natural gas plants meeting variations in demand. The grid grew, but it was still owned by utilities that also owned the powerhouses and each grid was only loosely connected to any other, if at all.

Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulic Systems provides a comprehensive approach to nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics, reflecting the latest technologies, reactor designs, and safety considerations. The text makes extensive use of color images, internet links, computer graphics, and other innovative techniques to explore nuclear power plant design and operation. Key fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and nuclear engineering concepts are carefully explained, and supported with worked examples, tables, and graphics. Intended for use in one or two semester courses, the text is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students. A complete Solutions Manual is available for professors adopting the text.

If, as a child, you were lucky enough to build a clock powered by a potato , you may not be surprised to learn that plants generate electricity.

Last updated: May 13, I f you've ever sat watching a thunderstorm, with mighty lightning bolts darting down from the sky, you'll have some idea of the power of electricity. A bolt of lightning is a sudden, massive surge of electricity between the sky and the ground beneath. The energy in a single lightning bolt is enough to light powerful lamps for a whole day or to make a couple of hundred thousand slices of toast!

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: What Is Electricity? - Atomic Structure and Electron Flow

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The Electron Revolution: Everything about the Electrical Industry is Changing. December 7, “Multiply that by every office building, factory and house.” Other forces driving change in . Solar is playing catch-up. It is the fastest growing.

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