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Produce building the equipment is cryogenic, compressor, refrigeration, autogenous, gas purification

Produce building the equipment is cryogenic, compressor, refrigeration, autogenous, gas purification

Customs Union Regulations. Household woodworking machines;. Snow and swamp vehicles, snowmobiles and trailers for them;. Garage equipment for motor vehicles and trailers;.

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Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve Produce building the equipment is cryogenic, compressor, refrigeration, autogenous, gas purification, but each case is unique.

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Accreditation field

Taking into account the structure of import and export of Russia and EAEU countries, machinery and equipment is the most exported group of products to the market of these countries.

Depending on the type, the equipment may fall under the requirements for mandatory EAC certification or mandatory EAC declaration. Contact us:. E-mail: international globexpert. Technical Regulation of Custom Union on safety of machines and equipment.

Turbines and gas turbine installations. The machines are heavy-duty. Diesel generators. Devices for lifting operations. Electric tackle hoists and chain hoists. Transport industrial floor-track. The equipment is chemical, oil and gas processing. Equipment for processing of polymeric materials. Pumping equipment pumps, aggregates and pumping installations. Cryogenic, compressor, refrigeration, autogenous, gas-cleaning equipment: air separation and rare gases plants; equipment for preparation and purification of gases and liquids, heat and mass transfer equipment for cryogenic systems and installations; compressors air and gas driven ; refrigeration plants.

Equipment for gas-flame treatment of metals and metallization of products. The equipment is gas-cleaning and dust-collecting. Pulp and paper equipment. The equipment papermaking. Oilfield equipment, drilling geological survey. Technological equipment and apparatus for applying paintwork coatings to machine-building products.

Equipment for liquid ammonia. Equipment for the preparation and purification of drinking water. Metalworking machines. Forging and pressing machines. Woodworking equipment except woodworking machines for household appliances. Technological equipment for foundry production. Equipment for welding and gas-thermal spraying. Tractors industrial. Forklift trucks. Bicycles except for children. Machines for earthmoving, land reclamation, development and maintenance of quarries.

Road machines, equipment for the preparation of building mixtures. Equipment and machines for construction. Equipment for the building materials industry. Technological equipment for logging, logging and logging except saws of petrol-powered and chain electric. Technological equipment for peat industry. Industrial laundry equipment. Equipment for dry cleaning and dyeing clothes and household products. Machinery and equipment for public utilities.

Industrial fans. Industrial air conditioners. Air heaters and air coolers. Technological equipment for light industry. Technological equipment for the textile industry. Technological equipment for the production of chemical fibers, fiberglass and asbestos threads. Technological equipment for food, meat and dairy and fishing industries. Technological equipment for flour-grinder, feed mill and elevator industry.

Technological equipment for trading enterprises, public catering and food units. The equipment polygraphic. Technological equipment for glass, porcelain, faience and cable industry. Heating boilers operating on liquid and solid fuels. Gas burners and combined except for block ones , liquid fuel, built in equipment, intended for use in technological processes at industrial enterprises. Apparatuses for water heating and heating, operating on liquid and solid fuels.

Mills: milling cutters with multi-sided carbide inserts; cutting and slotted cutters from high-speed steel; carbide-tipped cutters. Incisors: incisors with tungsten carbide inserts, incisors with multi-sided carbide inserts. Saws disk with tverdosplavnymi plates for processing of wood materials.

Bench-and-mounting tool with insulating handles for operation in electrical installations with voltage up to V. Milling cutters: woodcutter milling cutters with tapered teeth; woodcutter with wood or carbide knives; milling cutters cylindrical prefabricated. Tool made of natural and synthetic diamonds: diamond grinding wheels; circles diamond detachable.

Tool made of synthetic superhard materials based on boron nitride tool from elbor : grinding wheels. Industrial valves. Abrasive tool, abrasive materials: grinding wheels, including for hand-held machines; circles are cut-off; circles polishing; circles grinding petals; grinding endless tapes; disks grinding fiber.

During the certification procedure, the certification body:. For a number of EAC certification schemes, the experts of the certification body conduct a verification of the manufacturer's production site;. EAC declaration is a form of confirmation of conformity of products to the requirements of Technical Regulations on the part of the manufacturer and his official representative on the territory of the EAEU.

During the declaration the manufacturer and his representative representative details :. We hold a preliminary review and determine whether the product falls under the requirements for mandatory confirmation of compliance, availability of appropriate Technical Regulations, the required type of confirmation of compliance EAC certification or EAC declaration, GOST R certification, etc.

Also at this stage, we provide information about other requirements for example, sanitary, hygiene, industry, etc. Find more information about EAC certification of product.

Low voltage equipment. Machinery and equipment. Food, supplements, package. Toys and products for children. Lift equipment. Cosmetics and parfumes. Fuel, oil and lubricants. Products for railway industry. Wheeled vehicles and tractors. Light industry products. Pressure vessels. Tobacco products. Presentation with information about our company. Call or chat to us:.

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Proceedings 10 Cryo

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Taking into account the structure of import and export of Russia and EAEU countries, machinery and equipment is the most exported group of products to the market of these countries. Depending on the type, the equipment may fall under the requirements for mandatory EAC certification or mandatory EAC declaration.

Download: Decree No. Follow us. Ukraine Certification and products compliance. Archive Former national certification systems. Equipment subject to Certification of Compliance are: - turbines - Diesel generators - Devices for lifting operations - conveyors - Chemical equipment, oil and gas - Equipment for the treatment of polymer materials - Pumping equipment pumps, pumping units and facilities - Cryogenic equipment, compressors, refrigeration, autogenous - Gas treatment - Equipment for metal processing - The papermaking equipment - Equipment for geological exploration drilling - Equipment for liquid ammonia - Equipment for the preparation and purification of drinking water - Technological equipment for the foundry industry - trucks - Bicycles except for children - Machines for excavation, land reclamation, development maintenance pits - Etc.

CU TR 010/2011 "Safety of machinery" - certification and declaration of conformity

Confirmation of conformity Accreditation field. Electric devices for household use: For cooking and storage of food and mechanization of kitchen work; For handling washing, ironing, drying, cleaning of clothes of shoes; For housekeeping; For maintaining and regulation of microclimate indoors; Sanitary; For hair, nail and skin care; For body warmth; For vibromassage; Gaming, sport and training equipment; Audio and video devices, TV and radio receivers; Sewing and knitting; Power units, charging devices, voltage stabilizers; For gardening; For aquariums and garden reservoirs; Electric pumps; Light equipment and light sources; Wiring devices; Extension cords. Personal electronic computing machines personal computers. Low voltage equipment plugged into personal electronic computing machines. Electric tools hand-held and transportable electric tools. Electric musical instruments. Cables, wires and cords. Automatic circuit breakers, protection tripping units. Electricity distribution devices.

Updating K-0.4 and AK-1.5 type of medium-pressure air-fractionating installations

Manufacturer producer - pressure tanks for lpg. Refine your search Locate the companies on a map. Supplier of: Boilers, industrial. Contact this company.

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In order to pass the customs and sell the equipment on the territory of the Customs Union, such equipment will require either a declaration or a certificate TR CU The table below indicates all machines and equipment and their HS codes that are subject to this regulation. Snow and swamp walkers, snowmobiles and trailers for them. Garage equipment for motor vehicles and trailers.

The List of Products with HS Codes Subject to TR CU 010 Certificate and Declaration

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Oct 26, - character, N2 is often used as shielding gas, e.g. in chip production. cryogenic air separation. components molecular sieve, compressor, turbine, heat exchanger and column drying and pre-purification of the air, and a cold section with heat The turbine controls the refrigeration balance of the plant.

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