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Product fabrication rivets

Product fabrication rivets

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Hardware Used With ACM

Malco blind rivets provide a strong, secure connection between 2 or more sheets of material, that will not loosen with vibration.

Blind rivet fasteners can be used where access is limited to only one side of the material to be fastened. Rivets require only a pre-drilled or pre-punched hole. The blind rivet is an assembly, consisting of a mandrel and an eyelet body. Mandrels are used only to set the rivet body and are then discarded. Mandrel is designed to break off at the crimp after pulling setting the rivet body. No operator skill is required to set blind rivets. Low rivet profile offers cosmetic advantages over screws.

Limited Lifetime Warranty. Join our mailing list. Submit Your Idea. Print Warranty Share. Blind Rivets. Features Only require a pre-drilled or punched hole. Specifications Rivet Dia. Downloads Warranty:. My Review for Blind Rivets. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Related Products. Hand Riveter: 2IN1. Hand Riveter: Economy. Painted Rivets with Aluminum Rivet and Mandrel. All Products. Have a product idea?

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Blind Rivets

Rivet Material Selection. When replacing fasteners, it is generally best to match what you are replacing. Shear and tensile strength rated lbs. Material seleCtioN. If a rivet hole has been enlarged or.

When a rivet is driven into a product or workpiece, its shaft — also known as a tail — is expands up to one-and-a-half times its original size, thus securing it in place. But there are several types of rivets used in the manufacturing industry, some of which include the following. Also known as round rivets, solid rivets have been around for thousands of years, with some of the earliest examples dating back to the Bronze Age.

Please enable Javascript for an improved experience with this site. Blind Rivets are multi-piece rivet assemblies, capable of being installed from one side of the workpiece. Traditionally, blind rivets were used on aircraft leading edges, trailing edges, and close out areas which are limited to access to one side of the structure. Current blind rivet usage has expanded to many additional areas of the aircraft in an effort to decrease labor expense and to address the ergonomic issues of solid riveting.

Know Your Rivets

Rivets consist of a head on one side, a tail on the other, and a smooth cylindrical shaft connecting them. Riveting is ideal in situations where workers cannot access the back of the product, such as with a walls or tubing. Riveting is often a more cost-effective and superior method of fastening. Rivets are easy to install, and thus, have a lower installation cost, while the unit cost is also often lower. They can fasten wood, metal, and plastic. Window blinds, hanger straps, wind guards, and even doors and windows are often installed by riveting. Wooden stands and shelves, cabinets, lockers—just about anything made out of wood can be held together effectively with the use of rivets.

4mm x 30mm Button Head Solid Rivets (DIN 660) - A2 Stainless Steel

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The global riveting tools market size was valued at USD Growing infrastructure development and enhancements in the construction industry are anticipated to drive the demand for riveting tools, particularly for steel structure installations, over the forecast period.

A rivet is a mechanical fastener composed of a head on one end and a cylindrical stem on another called the tail which has the appearance of a metal pin. When installed the rivet is either drilled, placed or punched into a hole, afterwards the tail is then deformed, holding the rivet in place. The rivet is deformed by pounding or smashing of the tail, which makes the material flatter and usually causes the tail to be expanded by about one and a half times the size of the stem's original diameter.


They offer supreme fastening capabilities for light and heavy-duty applications alike, and they have been used for decades on everything from submarines to aircraft to sheet-metal assemblies. Just what is a rivet? A rivet is a mechanical fastener consisting of a smooth, cylindrical shaft with a head.

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Fasteners join two edges or objects together. They form this joint or connection through mechanical forces and many fasteners are meant to be non-permanent. Fasteners include different parts such as dowels or screws. Fasteners are distinctly different from other joining tools like ropes or hinges-which have other primary functions beyond fastening-and chemical adhesives that actively change the composition of the joined materials. Fastening Systems offer all of the necessary procedures and equipment necessary to fasten two objects together.

Rivet Material Selection

Dalsin has extensive experience providing value-added services for medium to high volume orders, including the installation of clinch press-in fasteners, rivets, rivet-nuts, and additional technical engineered hardware captivated to the products. Our engineering team assists our customers in design and DFM design for manufacturability improvements which might include various mechanical fasteners and fastening methods. Dalsin utilizes CNC programmable hardware insertion machinery and equipment to install almost any size clinch nut, clinch-stud, clinch standoff, high strength fasteners, panel fasteners, and specialty technical fasteners. For instance, considerations in the rivet selection process:. A blind rivet consists of two parts, the body and the setting mandrel. South - Bloomington , Minnesota Phone: Go to Navigation Go to Content.

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing nonelectric heating SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS AND BOLTS, NUTS, SCREWS, RiveTS AND.

It isn't enough that a truck or bus runs well—its appearance also counts. That's the sales strategy of Supreme Corp. Supreme's customers are contractors and professionals who want more than a standard cargo van, and the manufacturer noticed over time that rivets were detracting from its products' appearance. Supreme immediately began investigating structural adhesives because the company believed they were the only viable, tested technology to use to eliminate fasteners.

Riveters and Rivets

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What is Riveting and How Does it Work? - Definition and Meaning

Malco blind rivets provide a strong, secure connection between 2 or more sheets of material, that will not loosen with vibration. Blind rivet fasteners can be used where access is limited to only one side of the material to be fastened. Rivets require only a pre-drilled or pre-punched hole.

A rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener. Before being installed, a rivet consists of a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end.

Please use the contact form on StanleyEngineeredFastening. With easy installation and lower in-place costs than welding or nail rivet, this speed riveting system is extensively used for light fabrication needs. This will show you what surface finish options are possible to apply to our standard fastener types as "customer specials". Customised Designs We can design and manufacture speed fasteners with a wide variety of forms and finishes to meet your unique assembly requirements. The equipment is an integral part of the speed fastening system and offers the following benefits:.

Fastening Tools and Systems

Rivets and Push-In Fasteners. Drive rivets can be easily installed using a hammer or power tool. To set the rivet in place, simply drive the pin into the head with your tool. Mini Snap Rivets are easy to install and require no tools. Simply press in the male and female components together for quick assembly. Poly drive rivets can be easily installed using a hammer or power tool.

View Complete Details. We are engaged in offering Rivets that are manufactured using quality material such as steel, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. The sizes of these Rivets are decided as per the drawings or specifications given by our clients. Our range finds demand in the manufacturing of electronic and electrical equipment; construction activities; furniture building; and medical equipment fabrication.

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