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Production commercial airfield equipment and ground support equipment for aircraft

Production commercial airfield equipment and ground support equipment for aircraft

Before taking delivery of a new airplane model, an airline operator should select and procure the ground-support equipment and tooling required for airplane maintenance and operation. Procurement can be expensive, so it is very important that the operator select only the required tools. The procurement process should include bidding to obtain the lowest tool prices and allow adequate lead time for the manufacture and delivery of the tooling. The airline should begin tool selection and procurement 9 to 12 months before initial airplane delivery to ensure tools are available before the new airplane arrives. For operators to maximize their fleets' in-service reliability and profitability, they must properly select and procure ground-support equipment GSE and tooling that are appropriate for their airplanes' maintenance and operation.

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Aviation gse equipment

Ground Support Worldwide turns 20 years old with this issue. With one birthday in mind, we decided to take a look at many more GSE birthdays and celebrate some of the names behind the brand-names. Our magazine may be barely into its first generation, but look how far the commercial industry went in only two generations.

In , for example, more people crossed the Atlantic by ship than plane. In the United States, the 10 largest transportation companies were all railroads.

Less than one in 10 Americans had ever even been on an airplane. Hawaii drew just , visitors. Neighboring growers clamor for the new-fangled device and the Bean Spray Pump Co. You may have heard of John Bean, but what about Earl Estes? This year marks years since Orville Wright took off from the sand at Kill Devil Hills aboard the Wright Flyer into a freezing headwind of 27 miles per hour and flew about 35 yards. Take a look at one of history's most famous photos, and you can plainly see Wilbur on the ground offering support to the Wright Flyer on its maiden voyage.

A closer look, however, reveals the picture also shows a work bench and a jumble of something to the left of the bench. Frautschy writes. It was used to start the engine of the Flyer, which was also equipped with a Splitdorf dynamo. A battery was needed to supply enough electricity to generate a spark within the primitive make-or-break ignition system used for the engine. Over the next four years, the planes graduate from reconnaissance missions to bombing runs.

The Hucks Starter, named after Bentfield Hucks, a captain in the Royal Flying Corps, transmits power to the aircraft by way of a power take-off shaft, found on agricultural machines. The shaft of the starter fit into a special protruding hub incorporates a simple projecting claw clutch on the center of the airplane's propeller assembly.

The company gets it start making generators, metal office furniture and air compressors. Within 10 years, it becomes a powerhouse in the welding industry, but the company's entry into GSE has to wait another four decades. All a daredevil pilot needs is an open field to land on, in other words, the first farm he spots.

After cutting a deal with the farmer, the pilot performs various stunts for the crowd. Meanwhile, the farmer could lend an extra hand with his tractor. Farm tractors prove a reliable source for aircraft towing throughout most the early days of aviation. Godtfred Vestergaard starts his business at his home outside Copenhagen, Denmark. Later, the company starts making lifts for a university near Copenhagen. Also, the company manufacturs a piano lifting device for a music academy, a stage platform for a theater and attractions at the Tivoli Garden.

It will go on to sell product to almost every domestic and international aircraft and aerospace program since World War II. Gorman and H. Rupp, two engineers out of work during the Great Depression, begin making pumps in a barn outside of Mansfield, OH. Grime proves to have a keen eye. In just a few years, Lockheed asks Grime to build the first tripod jacks specifically for aircraft.

Army flying fields with AC generators for ground instrumentation needed for aircraft to land. The United States has 3, military aircraft when Hitler marches into Poland in By the end of the war, U.

Of course, the whole world is arming itself. As a result of all this aircraft, we finally begin to see a real market for GSE or as the U. Ford, as just an example of other automotive makers, takes its 9N tractor and adds cast-iron plate around the front and rear, and more than a half-ton of weight over the front and rear. Approximately 10, of these tractors dubbed Moto-Tugs see duty, many on aircraft carriers. The David Clark Co. Started as company that makes griddles and bras, the company begins specialzing in air force and NASA protective equipment ranging from anti-G suits to space suits.

By this time, a host of international GSE manufacturers are well on their way to build specialized equipment to meet the needs of commercial aviation:. Hobart Brothers sets up Hobart Ground Power after American Airlines asks the company to design a generator to start larger aircraft engines.

The company becomes better known later as Lektro. Jorg Schopf, a mechanical engineer, founds Schopf, which starts out building equipment for the mining industry. Davis Taylor builds an electric-powered cart for his own use in his poultry supply business. After numerous requests for other area ranchers, he starts the Taylor Shop. Garsite, LLC starts manufacturing aircraft refuelers, hydrant dispensers, fuel delivery trucks, above-ground fuel storage tanks, aviation fueling systems and vacuum pumper trucks.

TracMa begins making tractors designed for aircraft towing to replace the farm tractors commonly used at the time. The unit AXA delivers works without problems until Two years later, the company creates it first battery-driven vehicle to feed mink.

Afterward, the electric mink feeder gets modified and the result is an electric chicken feeder. Joe Cochrane creates Cochrane Equipment to build the first belt loaders specifically for the aviation industry. The company eventually expands into cargo loaders and, after an ownership change, becomes known as Lantis Corp. Innovative engineering led to the to the creation of a proprietary fiberglass filter coalescer.

The company is eventually renamed Velcon Filters. Albret gets its start making maintenance platforms and aircraft docking systems. Later, the company adds passenger stairs Jim Kaplan starts Harlan Corp.

A former marine pilot, Kaplan owned an eggshell processing plant and, later, rebuilt generator plants. Kaplan soon realized that parts to commonly fail in lift trucks were not readily available.

He redesigned the parts and developed sources for new designs. Ten years later, one of his customers in Venezuela asks Kaplan to make tow tractors. Harlan buys a Model E Clark lift and re-engineers it.

Eventually, the company grows from building 10 tractors a month to 90 tractors a month. During the decade, designed and built approximately low silhouette, self-propelled GPUs with a Hz, 90 kava generator set for major airlines. Remember Dixie Manufacturing that got its start selling to the horse and buggy market in the s?

At this point, the company takes one of its canvas "nose bags" - in other words, a horse feeder - and turns that into a tool bucket for the utility industry.

Undoubtedly, the s closed on a high note for GSE. Remember John Bean? Engineers start building some of the first deicer vehicles that used aerial devices to spray aircraft.

Its early deicers could deice a plane in 15 minutes. FMC also develops a cargo handling system for the new containerized generation of jet aircraft. Clyde W. Olson starts Clyde Machines Inc. Full production of GSE begins shortly thereafter. Vestergaard is approached by SAS and asked to modify some existing aircraft deicers. As a result, Vestergaard was given the order for new aircraft deicers. The tug was built for an FBO in Oregon.

GTI goes on to develop the Rampmaster, a modular design that simplifies maintenance by separating the truck from the fuel tank. John L. Grove forms a partnership with two friends and buys a small metal fabrication business in McConnellsburg, PA. The company sells its first JLG aerial lift. Many of the design features in that first lift are still being incorporated into products today.

Products include baggage cart side curtains. The Dana Corp. It first products were towbars for corporate jets. Danair is sold in and becomes Tronair. Paul MacCready, an avid aviator who set soaring records in his glider in the s, starts AeroVironment Inc.

The company becomes a leader in unmanned aircraft and eventually well-known for electric GSE charging stations. Later, the Gossamer Albatross flew across the English Channel. Core business begins with production of baggage tractors, primarily the Model MA, which is still produced today. TELL story of tug at Museum.

Tug eventually expands its product line and introduces its Model belt loader. In a news article, Watkins says, "Our first year of business we had just one customer, now we have And we just got our first government order.

We feel we can provide a lots of jobs and bring other investment money into our community. One year later, sales topped a million. Jim's also right about the jobs - six employees have each worked at WASP for 30 years. Watkins end up building another plant in Nebraska.

Ground support equipment

This equipment is used to service the aircraft between flights. This page lists global coverage for tenders concerning Airport Ground Support Equipment. Cross border trade in this industry is done across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Americas with numerous opportunities releasing on a daily basis across these areas. Our tender portal is successful in providing most relevant, concise and timely information on contracts throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Americas ergo promoting e-tendering to companies worldwide. On this page, you can find tenders relevant to Airport Ground Support Equipment throughout the globe.

JBT Corporation to acquire manufacturer of electric ground support equipment. Hybrid Air Vehicles awarded production organisation approval.

Ground Support Worldwide turns 20 years old with this issue. With one birthday in mind, we decided to take a look at many more GSE birthdays and celebrate some of the names behind the brand-names. Our magazine may be barely into its first generation, but look how far the commercial industry went in only two generations. In , for example, more people crossed the Atlantic by ship than plane. In the United States, the 10 largest transportation companies were all railroads.

Airports: Ground Equipment

View Profile Contact Supplier. As an established manufacturer and supplier, …. It provides engineering know how and result driven solutions for the world's leading international …. AERO manufactures …. Aerosweep Pty. Aerowash is a leading developer and manufacturer of automated aircraft washing robots. We strive to streamline the cleaning process in order to …. Having been an Aviation Jet A1 Fuel ….

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We use them to give you the best experience. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Airport Equipment Services AES provides airport ground support equipment, as well as management and consultancy services for ground handling and organisations that intend to expand their business overseas. The company offers value-for-money services at a very reasonable price, without compromising work quality. AES provides maintenance and servicing of all types of airport ground support equipment GSE and transport vehicles, ranging from 40t main deck loaders to non-motorised GSE.

The growth of the market across the globe can be attributed to rising demand for electric ground support equipment, increasing warehouse operations at airports, and ongoing expansions of airports to cater to the rising global air passenger traffic.

TLD offers a wide range of Ground Support Equipment, consistently reviewed by their engineering teams in order to assure evolution, meeting and adapting to their customers specific requirements. Performance as well as simplicity, high reliability and low maintenance costs continuously drive their engineering efforts. Millennium's focus is primarily fuel efficient narrow and widebody aircraft to improve efficiency for our customers. They offer a broad spectrum of liquid-cooled and air-cooled engines with capacities ranging from 25 kW to kW, which are used in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, aviation and ships.


We use them to give you the best experience. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Focusing on integrated system supply, in-house product design and manufacturing, installation and maintenance services, airport design as well as complete project management, Cavotec offers the airport industry a unique package covering most, if not all, industry requirements.

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Full Line of Advanced Aviation Safety Equipment

Invalid Email. Invalid contact no. Special Symbols Not Allowed. Invalid Security Code. For instance, GSE such as deicers, ground power units, fuel trucks, pre-conditioned air PCA units, and hydrant trucks are especially deployed for aircraft handling.

The Airport Ground Equipment Directory contains a list of companies that repair Air Traffic Management Solutions for both commercial and military customers. design and manufacture Aviation Ground Support Equipment (AGSE) such as;.

Get in contact with our Sales or other Departments. Get in contact with our after-sales service. Visit our facebook presence only German. As one of the leading manufacturers for vehicles for airport ground support, we have been setting standards over the last 50 years regarding the development and manufacture of an extensive portfolio of products. Please see the details in the following:.

The History Of Ground Support Equipment

We are best known as a high quality supplier of towbars for Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier and other aircraft, but we also supply a variety of other GSE products as well as ground support vehicle servicing through our Hall Technical Services group. NMC-Wollard products also support commercial and corporate aviation and military operations. We build world class aircraft ground support equipment which is built to handle the rigors of everyday abuse on the tarmac.

Ground Support Equipment GSE is the support equipment found at an airport , usually on the apron , the servicing area by the terminal. This equipment is used to service the aircraft between flights. As the name suggests, ground support equipment is there to support the operations of aircraft whilst on the ground.

We offer excellent pricing and short lead times on an entire range of high-quality GSE.

AERO manufactures …. View Profile Contact Supplier. Cartwright GSE, previously Emtek Services Ltd, joined The Cartwright Group in offer class-leading aircraft ground support equipment and highway maintenance assist …. The global player provides …. Mallaghan is one of the fastest-growing Airport Ground Support Equipment manufacturers worldwide, producing a vast range of highly acclaimed products to a ….

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