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Space fabrication woolen yarn

Space fabrication woolen yarn

Wool has been used by man from early times. Explorers such as Ernest Shackleton, Edmund Hillary and Roald Amundsen used layers of wool clothing to protect them under arduous conditions during their journeys. We invite you to browse through our woolens, or read on for more information about wool. Wool is a natural insulator, grown by sheep and other animals.

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Natural Wool: Its Characteristics, Manufacturing Process, and Good Washing of Woolen Fabrics

Natural wool is the fiber obtained from sheep and other animals. For example cashmere and the mohair of goats, Qiviut of muskoxen, angora of rabbits, and Camelid wool. Sheep wool is the most preferred because it has important physical properties distinguish it from camel hair, goat hair, and others.

The wool is consists of protein with a low proportion of fat. So it is quite different from cotton which is mainly cellulose. Global raw wool production is approximately 3. There is currently a global interest in reviving the use of organic wool, an initiative that is funded by wool producers from Australia, Britain and New Zealand in an effort to encourage more producers to use wool in the carpet and clothing industry instead of other synthetic fibers.

Wool fibers have been important to the primitive human tribes since more than 10, BC. Wool was woven and coordinated by the Babylonians as well as in northern European tribes.

Textile tools were relatively basic. After Norman's invasion of Greece in the 12th century, Greek weavers were sent to Italy as slaves who stimulated the Italian textile industry into extraordinary works.

In the 14th century, the Flemish Weavers escaped from the Spanish invasion into England, leading to the flourishing of the wool industry. Moroccan Arabs used to breed sheep and produce fine wool. They invented many wool weaving processes and transported them to Andalusia Spain.

During the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, sheep and wool were an important economic force. For example, countries such as England and Spain prohibited the export of sheep and raw wool. In , two-thirds of England's foreign trade was based on exports of woolen textiles.

The Spanish sheep Merino flourished in South Africa. Later some descendants of the Spanish Merino sheep were sent to Australia. The first Merino sheep arrived in Australia in The sheep were descendants of the Royal Merino herd of Spain. After selective breeding Australian farmers produced soft Australian Merino wool and then shipped to England for industrialization.

The Arabs of the Levant also cared about raising sheep and wool yarn. This act was to protect producers and consumers from the unknown existence of substitutes and mixtures in wool products.

This law required that all products containing wool except for upholstery and floor coverings bear a mark indicating the content and proportions of materials in the fabric. The fall in the price of wool began in late due to the decline in demand for natural wool with increased use of synthetic fibers resulting in a sharp decline in production.

Hillcreston Pinehill Partnership produced this bale, which measured The wool fibers have three-dimensional crimps, 25 waves per 10 cm in fine fiber, and 4 waves per 10 cm for coarse fibers. The fiber length ranges from 3. The fiber length of cm is used in the garment industry because this length allows the yarn to be manufactured with greater precision.

The diameter of the fiber varies from 14 micrometers to more than 45 micrometers. The higher price is paid for fibers with the fine diameter, especially if they are identical in diameter.

The color of sheep's wool varies from white to brown and black. White is more desirable than other colors. The dark fibers cannot be successfully dyed for the difficulty of removing or hiding the natural color. Wool fibers absorb water from the surrounding atmosphere better than other fabric fibers because they have pores and interstitial spaces in their composition.

Wool is a good insulation for heat, preventing heat from leaking out, and cold air from leakage inside. Therefore, woolen textiles are used as a protective cover for heat in hot places as well as cold in the cold winter.

Through microscopic examination of wool fibers, we find that they are made from protein molecules. Keratin protein is a crystalline copolymer; the repeated units are amino acids. Wool fibers are also cross-linked through the disulfide bonds present in amino acids Cysteine. It was found that wool has two structures. One is Alpha-keratin and the second is Beta-keratin that was through X-ray diffraction.

The microstructure of wool fibers consists of three basic parts: the cuticle, cortex, and medulla. The cuticle epidermis is a layer of overlapping cells surrounding wool fibers.

There are three cuticles epicuticle, exocuticle, and endocuticle. There are two basic types of cortical cells; ortho cortical, and paracortical, each with a different chemical composition. In superior fibers, these two types of cells are of distinct halves.

The cells expand differently when the moisture absorbed, making the fiber curve, this creates a crease in the wool. In rough fibers, ortho and para cortical-chemical cells are more random so there is less curl. Also, fiber crease makes wool an insulator for air. The medulla is a mass of degenerated cells in the central part of the fiber. This layer may disappear or be difficult to see in the fine wool. Fine Soft wool : In this type, the fiber diameter does not exceed 25 microns and the average length of wool is cm.

Wool fibers here are very wavy, the fiber density is large, the fat ratio is high, and the wool is white. This type of wool can be obtained from the Merino sheep breeds. Medium Semi-soft wool : Wool is white in color and average fat.

The thickness of wool fiber ranges from microns and wool length ranges from cm. This type of wool can be obtained from the Tsigai , Suffolk, Hampshire, and Tunis sheep breeds. Long wool: This type of wool is white, has a coarse and dry feel. This wool can be obtained from the Awassi and Lincoln sheep breeds.

Carpet wool: This type of wool contains more fats than coarse wool as well as more softness. This wool can be obtained from Tajikistan Marco Polo sheep and Karakul sheep. This kind of wool is more suitable for the carpet industry. Hand shearing: In this method, different types of scissors are used, requiring a long time and a large number of workers, and may cause injury to the animals, as well as irregular shearing wool. Automatic shearing: It is made by electric machines, and spread in many countries because of the saving of time and effort, in addition, to get good quality shearing, and do not cause any injuries to sheep when carried out by trained shearers.

Preliminary studies of woolen underwear have found that they prevent heat and rashes because they absorb moisture more than other fibers. A blend of wool and Kevlar a synthetic fiber used in body armor were discovered by researchers at the Royal Melbourne School of Technology of Fashion and Textiles.

Mixing wool with Kevlar reduced the cost of using Kevlar alone. Hand washing is the best way for natural woolen fabrics. Wash the wool with a large amount of warm water, just by pressing it. Do not use hot water as it changes the properties of wool. When wool is rubbed with soap, it causes shrinkage of the wool and increases wrinkles. It is also not necessary to increase the amount of soap used because when the soap dissolves in the water gives an alkaline effect and if the quantity increased, it will increase its bad effect in the wool fabric.

Also, it is best to change the washing water two or three times, and water temperature is equal at all times. Wool fibers have been blended will both natural or synthetic fibers to produce a material that possesses qualities of each fiber.

For example, Wool is blended with cotton in various ratios. In this kind of fabric cotswool , wool fiber provides warmth property due to its scaly surface, as air entrapped in the scales acts as an insulator.

Also, wool contributes to resiliency and abrasion resistance. On the other hand, Cotton adds strength and reduces the cost of the yarn and fabric. The process of spinning cotton and wool fibers is quite different because they require different types of machinery and processing methods.

Silk and wool blended fabrics show excellent value as improved strength, firmness, and smoothness characteristics.

Silk and wool blended fabric provides better comfort than pure wool or pure silk. Wool also is mixed with synthetic threads at different rates to improve the properties of synthetic fibers or to obtain new features fabric.

This mixing is done under appropriate pressure and temperature, as well as using special machines due to the different properties of the wool fibers from the characteristics of synthetic threads. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thank you very much, Linda. Natural wool is important and very useful to us away from diseases and allergies and also has a long history in the industry. Wool is such a amazing fiber that creates wonderful textiles. It;s been around for centuries and they've been using a similar manufacturing process that is still used today.

A great in-depth article with lots of interesting details. Thanks, RTalloni for reading the article and comment. The production of natural wool in the whole world is few because it needs a high cost so the price of the product will be expensive.

It has been replaced with synthetic fibers and this is certainly unhealthy. There is a global call to revive natural fibers, including wool. Such an interesting read. Learning about the Hillcreston Pinehill Partnership still has me smiling.

To own the finest wool must be amazing!

Natural Wool: Its Characteristics, Manufacturing Process, and Good Washing of Woolen Fabrics

Usually, these extra bits are tossed into a landfill. But these leftovers are good quality and have the ability to be turned into something special — so we got to work! The story of Heal The Wool goes a bit like this.

Natural wool is the fiber obtained from sheep and other animals. For example cashmere and the mohair of goats, Qiviut of muskoxen, angora of rabbits, and Camelid wool.

Adire — A cotton fabric that has been resist-dyed using indigo. The textile takes on a look similar to batik or shibori fabrics. They open to release the gel only when the fabric is touched or rubbed. Essentially, every time an infused garment is worn, the aloe is applied to the skin.

Discover the Warmth of Wool

Textile manufacturing is one of the oldest human activities. The oldest known textiles date back to about B. In order to make textiles, the first requirement is a source of fibre from which a yarn can be made, primarily by spinning. The yarn is processed by knitting or weaving to create cloth. The machine used for weaving is the loom. Cloth is finished by what are described as wet processes to become fabric. The fabric may be dyed , printed or decorated by embroidering with coloured yarns. The three main types of fibres are natural vegetable fibres , animal protein fibres and artificial fibres. Natural vegetable fibres include cotton , linen , jute and hemp.

Automatic Woolen Yarn Scouring Plant

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Download PDF Version. A spinning system in which yarn is made by wrapping fibers around a core stream of fibers with compressed air. The porosity, or the ease with which air passes through material.


Ludhiana, Punjab. Verified Supplier Company Video. Sunder Nagar, Ludhiana , Street No. Ludhiana H.

Please check your email for instructions on how to reset your password. A widely recognized association whose work focuses on development of standards of testing dyed and chemically treated fibers and fabrics. Wear or texture change to an area of carpet that has been damaged by friction caused by rubbing or foot traffic. Acid dyeable yarns are available in different dye levels light, medium and deep. A base ingredient in the production of Type 6,6 nylon.

Fabric Dictionary

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As with many discoveries of early man, anthropologists believe the use of wool came out of the challenge to survive. In seeking means of protection and warmth, humans in the Neolithic Age wore animal pelts as clothing. Finding the pelts not only warm and comfortable but also durable, they soon began to develop the basic processes and primitive tools for making wool. By B.

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