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Industrial factory subscriber Loudspeakers

Industrial factory subscriber Loudspeakers

We take a look back at the journey our flagship amplification system, Statement, has taken in Since setting off from its launch at CES, Las Vegas in January, our flagship amplification system, Statement , has made its way around the globe. And with the full system weighing over quarter of a ton, that's no small feat. Following the release of our Statement teaser film the previous December, we hosted a VIP event at the famous Venetian Hotel to unveil our ultimate amplification system to the world press and industry experts. Naturally, they were blown away. What Hi-Fi?

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Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook

Harman's headquarters facility, which houses the Pro and Lifestyle Divisions including its Consumer and Luxury Audio groups, is where engineering, testing, and training take place.

In this day and age, to find an audio company… or any company for that matter… that stills designs, engineers and makes its own products from scratch is a rarity. That heritage, spawned by co-founder Sidney Harman back in , can still be seen today even after its acquisition by Samsung in late , where Harman remains a wholly separate, independent subsidiary that continues to do things its own way. Indeed, if you ever get a chance to visit the Harman International campus in Northridge, Calif.

The massive facility was originally a acre campus with multiple buildings housing more than , square feet of engineering and production. The Northridge facility has several hundred employees with a representative from every Harman division, including automotive, consumer, luxury audio, pro, and lifestyle.

That means under one roof you might bump into renowned engineers like Dr. We talk on a regular basis to find out what they are going to with their units for durability, mounting, etc. For us, we can use that for advance testing. That is the sort of communication we had with the introduction of our first Revel outdoor speakers.

The Luxury Audio engineering team based in Northridge share resources with the Pro division. The engineers can use the Stereolithography SLA 3D printers for rapid prototyping, saving enormous re-tooling costs. For example, engineers can create new speaker horn geometry, 3D print it in a few hours, and immediately take it into a lab, bolt a transducer to the back of it, put it in a box and take audio measurements.

It can then be refined using clay, and by the time you are ready to cut steel you have the real deal. But it turns out those worries were unfounded. There is no Samsung staff on site. Harman might be the progenitor of using consumer brand name affinity to benefits custom integrators. Those powerhouse SKUs are the market leaders in the portables category and set the tone for the industry in terms of Bluetooth portable speakers.

Likewise, for soundbars, JBL has carved out a niche with its new Bar , and the The is unique because it has detachable battery-powered surround speakers that charge when the unit is docked or can be charged separately.

The design targets a limitation that many soundbars in the market have, in that they offer clarity to dialog but the faux surround is usually lacking.

It could be soundbar to start, then a true 5. You have to get them on the path. We have all these brands licensed in cars. So people buy new Toyota Camry and it has a JBL system in it, and that makes them familiar with the brand name already. At the facility, Harman conducts its Luxury Audio Training Academy regularly so those attendees, which in many cases are retailers, get a chance to see the facility.

Harman offers another academy focused on Mark Levinson out at its Shelton, Conn. It was borne out of requests from attendees at the Luxury Audio Training who wanted more technical information on JBL Synthesis, such as how to calibrate and set up the processor, how to do room correction, proper speaker placement, programming the amplifiers, room acoustics, etc.

Most of these academies occur twice per year, so when you add it all up, the company is doing eight to 10 per year. End users also visit the facility quite often. Northridge is in close proximity to Van Nuys Airport, which caters to the jet-set Hollywood crowd.

That means wealthy end users looking to spend six figures on a JBL Synthesis home theater can fly in, drive over, and demo the systems in one of the cinema rooms. Altogether, Harman has over SKUs of equipment between all the brands, and the vast majority of them are in the Luxury Audio Division. It can quickly add up when you start counting all the mounting brackets and other peripherals we have for some of the brands like Revel.

It is truly one-of-a-kind. The room uses mechanical sliders to systematically move speakers that are hidden behind a curtain from view of the listener. The speakers are moved in quick succession via these mini-conveyor belts… analogous to an automated luggage system at an airport shuffling bags into position.

In this case, it is speakers being moved into the listening position… all randomly and quietly so the listener cannot detect any pattern. Harman uses the room to subjectively test its new speaker models versus previous versions, but more often than not it is to listen to speakers from competitors.

The test involves both trained and untrained listeners playing a couple of cuts of music, who then rank each test subject from 0 to 10 using a slider mechanism.

The system not only generates overall preferences, but also analyzes the rankings track by track, which can be correlated to determine particular strengths and weaknesses of the speakers for areas like bass response, mid-range, etc. We want to eliminate the eyes and any perceived notions. We listen with our eyes in many ways. The speakers are behind the curtain and the selection is randomized. The Dolby Atmos configuration includes 13 channels on the lower level three flagship JBL Everest LCRs and 10 side surrounds , four subwoofers one in each corner of the room with two on each channel in the front and all four on each channel in the rear and 13 overhead channels That includes three upfront near the screen and three in the rear.

Some audio companies struggle to construct a single anechoic chamber… Harman has four of them inside the building, along with several other measurement spaces outside the building. Also, one of the two arenas on the Pro side can be used as a measurement chamber. The anechoic chambers are constructed to be completely independent from the building. But the larger room is also where floorstanding speakers from the Luxury Audio Division are measured.

In some cases, the speakers are laid on their sides. The larger chamber, logically, handles larger products. The size of the room makes it usable for much lower frequencies. The room has one hard surface that mimics the wall or ceiling behind an architectural speaker.

The transducer is placed in the floor and measurements are taken in a degree hemispherical pattern using nine different microphones. The facility also houses the Pro Division, which is housed in an impressive space where it can showcase the combination of Harman Pro Audio solutions with Samsung video solutions.

Everything for a typical commercial installation — retail store, train station, airport, hotel, hospital, live music venue, tour sound setups — are all on display to show that Harman has products that serve every one of those markets. The space also includes a mock retail sports clothing store that features a mannequin with a camera built into it. The camera uses analytics to determine if the customer is a man or woman, older or younger, etc.

The system then tailors the digital signage on the videowall behind the mannequin to male or female clothing, or apparel for younger people versus older individuals. Luxury Audio Division has collaborated with Pro Division on deployments of large videowalls with high pixel densities in residential locations, where homeowners were using them has large home theaters or digital art displays.

The most qualified professionals in the CE residential, commercial and security integration markets. Search today! Search for:. View Slideshow. There are four anechoic in chambers at the facility, each designed for different sized speakers or transducers.

Sound Speakers

The basis of the company was formed in the workshop of a family-run SME small to medium enterprise which specialized in precision mechanics. At the time, only Mahul and one other person worked on speaker drivers. Mahul was a hi-fi enthusiast whose creations would eventually be recognized worldwide.

Car speaker manufacturers make different speaker models aiming at satisfying the diverse preferences of every user. Having extensive experience in the car audio equipment industry, we have known that generalizations about which speakers are better than others are a bit misleading.

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Statement on Tour

Subscribe Today at Huge Savings! In the late s, Jonathan Weiss, an Ivy League grad with a film under his belt, fell in love with a Pennsylvania grain mill built around by a German or Swiss immigrant family named Oswald. Their 10,square-foot, four-story stone structure lay abandoned from until the time Weiss acquired and renovated it and made it his lab. With so much empty space and no neighbors, Weiss developed a fascination with the big, natural sound of the golden age of cinema, collecting vintage loudspeakers and tube gear by companies like RCA and Western Electric c. Then he decided to create his own… only better. Digital need not apply. Plus, get digital access and a free tote bag.

Japan auto speaker manufacturer to put high-tech factory in El Paso, create 40 jobs

The offered range is designed using supreme class raw material and sophisticated technology. This product is highly appreciated in the market for their low maintenance, optimum functionality, easy to use and durability. Get Latest Price. View Complete Details.

Our Audio Product Showcase.

Harman's headquarters facility, which houses the Pro and Lifestyle Divisions including its Consumer and Luxury Audio groups, is where engineering, testing, and training take place. In this day and age, to find an audio company… or any company for that matter… that stills designs, engineers and makes its own products from scratch is a rarity. That heritage, spawned by co-founder Sidney Harman back in , can still be seen today even after its acquisition by Samsung in late , where Harman remains a wholly separate, independent subsidiary that continues to do things its own way. Indeed, if you ever get a chance to visit the Harman International campus in Northridge, Calif.

L100 Classic

One of the last major furniture factories on the West Coast sits on Balboa Boulevard, turning out cabinetry for the JBL stereo loudspeakers that come off the assembly line at Harman International Industries. Although headquartered in Washington, D. He later consolidated those operations into a campus-like Northridge business park.

Can't hear voices on television? AccuVoice TV speakers use our patented hearing aid technology for crystal clear dialogue. Our slim, aluminum, high-performance soundbars have AccuVoice technology and built-in powered subwoofers. Our high performance, all-in-one soundbase systems use AccuVoice technology and have built-in powered subwoofers. Most purchases qualify for free ground shipping in the continental United States. All ZVOX systems purchased direct from the factory are backed by a 60 day home trial.

Coaxial vs Component Speakers: Which One to Choose?

A launch that may well be loaded with potential in the high range of the home HiFi market. They specialize in home high-end wooden handcrafted passive loudspeakers Made in Italy and also portable audio products like IEMs and headphones. After their steady build on worldwide brand awareness thanks to their IEMs and headphones since , the company began a new challenge with a quite different audio segment: high-end passive handmade loudspeakers. Today, with its new VELVET passive loudspeakers, the company launches its first range of high-end products in a different segment of the audio industry. The official manufacturer website and where to buy worldwide can be found here: www.

Leading Audio Speaker Manufacturer & Supplier for Wall Mount Speaker, In-Wall Ceiling Speaker, PA Speakers System, Subwoofer Speaker & Amplifiers.

Established in England, Fane has a strong heritage and history in sound engineering excellence. Producing high-quality pro audio loudspeakers. Follow the Ascension Series guitar loudspeakers on their journey through our hand built production process to the finished product. Find out more about this awesome band at www.

UBSOUND Velvet Series Loudspeakers Official Launch!

No eBook available CengageBrain. Accessible for majors and non-majors alike, the text uses an intuitive approach that introduces abstract concepts through examples drawn from common, real-life experiences to which students can relate. In addition, insightful Portfolios highlight the careers of real people and discuss how they incorporate math into their daily operations.

You might be happy or stuck with the stereo head unit in your vehicle, but you can still improve your sound. These inexpensive car speaker replacements can transform your car audio without destroying your bank account! If you are looking to dump those pitiful factory speakers or just want cabin-filling sound in a complete aftermarket stereo rig, you will want to keep an eye on these crucial car speaker concepts:. You should focus on speakers that deliver a rich sound in the lower frequencies of 30Hz or lower to Hz.

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For many years, PMC's fact range has been the choice of discerning audiophiles worldwide. But true innovators are never satisfied. Our designers are continuously researching new materials and German producer Felix Klostermann is delighted with his switch to PMC studio monitoring, stating that it has made his workflow much faster by reducing the number of changes he needs to make to

Minutes before I left, I double-checked the CAF website for the address so I could put it into the GPS and there it was, on the landing page, an image of a beautiful single-driver loudspeaker with glorious mid-century style wooden legs and a curiously wide baffle. By hand. With extreme care, precision craftsmanship and a love for that glowing mid-century aesthetic. Eric also took many shots of a pair of Ravens being cleaned up, boxed in crates and lovingly put into the back of my SUV. From there I drove home, hooked them up and fell in love.

In this edition, Voice Coil spotlights the Asian speaker manufacturing outside of China. As Klasco writes, the Silk Road of loudspeaker manufacturing has evolved over the years. In this May edition, Klasco also offers the second part of his report on Loudspeaker Enclosure Materials, focusing on new and improved materials alternatives.

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