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Plant factory garage equipment

Plant factory garage equipment

Experience production and take a look behind the scenes with our experts. The products made by the BMW Group inspire with unique design, creativity and agility. It is exciting and fascinating to experience live production. Are you interested in the MINI production? We are looking forward to your visit!

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Who comes to the Great Stone Industrial Park — drive-oriented, vigorous companies and their leaders seeking growth opportunities and promoting innovative ideas, not easy though it might sometimes seem.

Levanta Group is the only company in the country that produces the whole range of ventilation equipment. Perhaps several years from now, the equipment of his plant is to be installed throughout the entire country — and further on. I have worked in the ventilation equipment sphere with my team since I initially used to work for a company that dealt with selling ventilation systems.

After working there for a year, I started my own business. We started with a trading retailer company that would resell ventilation equipment. During external training with other manufacturers and visiting their facilities in Poland, Russia, and Baltic states, I just came to the conclusion that nothing would prevent me from organizing production here in Belarus.

Then we started thinking of expanding the business. A few years ago I read about the Great Stone Industrial Park, learnt about the benefits to investors.

Next, I participated in the development of four patents related to ventilation equipment. And, after calculating the costs, I realized that with all given tax benefits, the cost of production would definitely decrease, which, in its turn, would impact the final price and the equipment could be competitive not only in the domestic market but also overseas.

I made a business plan, and then I just went to the headquarters of the Great Stone and proposed to set up a production line in here. They reviewed my business plan and made a decision to accept me as a resident. To say that I was happy is like to say nothing. In fact, I dramatically changed my whole life for the sake of this business. As a result, I moved to Minsk, with my wife and children. The team that I had worked with over 10 years stayed there.

We managed to assign responsibilities so that everyone could clearly understand their scope of work. We even hired a director at the transition stage, but now we have been doing without him. Once our company became a resident of the park, we first purchased a one-hectare plot for further construction of the production site.

In order not to lose time, while the plant has not been built yet, I have already rented a small 1, square-meter workshop on the neighbouring site. We bought a production line out there and installed the following equipment there:. When our own factory is finally built, it will be way easier to transport equipment from the neighbouring site.

These days we produce air ducts, air conditioners, and fire dampers. It varies from month to month — from hundreds to dozens of thousands of units. One of the main customers to whom we deliver products from the workshop at the Great Stone is the under-construction Belarusian NPP. So far. With the launch of our own plant, we will expand supplies first thing and look for new opportunities. After all, before buying the plot for construction in the park, we analyzed the market and its potential and understood in which areas we could develop our business.

When it comes to competition, with its perspectives, equipment and people, our production is the only one in Belarus. We can produce almost the entire range of equipment, whereas others tend to do one thing. Or there are manufacturers of frame-based air conditioners. What is that? They buy some aluminum profile, then cut it with a simple grinder to the desired size, next connectors are bought to assemble the frame.

The elementary panel of the conditioner is inserted inside. I do not mean to offend anyone, but one can assemble such a thing in a garage. I initially wanted to work unlike others. Following world leaders, we therefore produce frameless cooling systems. And we do them all ourselves, according to our own patents. But to do such a thing, you need a whole range of machine tools, a team of designers, etc.

First of all, we want to root in this direction at home, in Belarus, and then expand overseas in Russia, Kazakhstan.

I am sure it will pan out. Having established such a production of heat exchangers, we would like to start t he production of air conditioners for special equipment. All of them purchase air conditioners in Russia. There are literally a couple of factories out there. Here, of course, much will depend on the manufacturers of special equipment alone.

Because, staying in our workshop, my designers cannot develop the product. They need to communicate with the designers of MAZ, for example. I think this issue could be resolved with official papers, excursions to our site. We also plan to make use of experience with nuclear power plants. The market with such customers is not very large, rather specific. First of all, we desire to monetize the expertise — the production of ventilation ducts for nuclear power plants.

There is not so much in production as in paperwork — I had to enlarge the designers team from 2 designers, who normally maintained the entire production cycle, up to 12 people who develop drawings in accordance with the required norms and standards. Every detail is properly checked out there, because safety is of utmost importance.

Now we are willing to gain other projects that Rosatom is implementing. We have ideas on how to do this. After all, our products have their own specifics, it is important to gain experience.

The core of the team is designers and engineers. I do rely on them in sorrow and joy. They have gone through a lot of challenges together. At the very beginning of the development of the enterprise, we employed several people to serve their job placement, which turned out to be a big mistake.

They are unable to work and are not willing to. Now we are not doing this. The Great Stone welcomed us with rather comfortable conditions. No need to worry about safety, here you have gloves and shoes.

I think this is important. Therefore, even when I promise similar wages, people come over to me. Having moved to Minsk, I hired several people who have already shown great results. I can count on them. With the launch of the plant in the Great Stone, about people will totally work for us. Prev Article Next Article.

Automotive Manufacturing Equipment

A top-ten automotive company could expect to realise 50 percent growth in operational profits annually within five years of a full smart factory implementation, it adds. Meanwhile, any manufacturer should expect to break even within one year of completing a smart upgrade programme. It predicts that average productivity growth from smart factories within the automotive sector will be seven percent in By the end of , automotive manufacturers expect that 24 percent of their plants will be smart facilities, adds the report. Capgemini surveyed senior executives from the automotive sector between February and January

Who comes to the Great Stone Industrial Park — drive-oriented, vigorous companies and their leaders seeking growth opportunities and promoting innovative ideas, not easy though it might sometimes seem. Levanta Group is the only company in the country that produces the whole range of ventilation equipment. Perhaps several years from now, the equipment of his plant is to be installed throughout the entire country — and further on.

An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. Every morning I sit down at my computer and work on an idea that could change the world: Automated factories that can grow, like an acorn can grow into an oak tree. Like any factory, these factories would produce useful products, but they would also make parts and materials for their own expansion.

Automotive: Smart factories could create $160bn annual gains – Cappgemini

Please let us know whether you are happy for us to contact you from time to time with information about our products or services by selecting one of the following options:. Today Tecalemit and its associate companies design, manufacture, and supply a comprehensive range of vehicle servicing equipment and MOT testing equipment, for motorcycle, car and commercial vehicle workshops, plant and machinery maintenance and servicing of railway rolling stock and locomotives. As a service provider Tecalemit provides a complete portfolio of maintenance services. Tecalemit also offers an in-house workshop design service for your Service or MOT Test Bay working from initial concept through to completed project. Tecalemit products can be sourced through our UK or International distributors and directly from Tecalemit for government, military and OEM clients. View on Google Maps. Full Name.

Engineer using laptop computer for maintenance equipment. Factory, instrument.

Belarus had third by volume part of automotive industry of the Soviet Union with near 40, annual production. Since that times Belarus specializes on production of own designed superheavy, heavy and middle trucks mainly plus post-Soviet developed buses, trolleybuses and trams. BelAZ is a Belarusian manufacturer of haulage and earthmoving equipment based in Zhodzina. The factory opened its door in and has produced over , vehicles for use in the Soviet Union. The factory finalized two of the three scheduled phases of the technical re-equipment and upgrades.

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Engineer using laptop computer for maintenance equipment. Factory, instrument. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview.

How Automotive Production Lines Work

There are therefore various considerations to take into account prior to site acquisition: A. Budget allocated: Is it sufficient for outright purchase or for rent? How are these costs to be viewed, eg as an investment, recoverable on overheads, etc. Vessels: Type, quantity, and size of vessels to be constructed at any one time.

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The role demanded of automotive equipment is ever changing; that is to make cars a safe and comfortable environment for people around the world. How can cars be made both safe for the environment and more efficient? How can various information services be used to make driving anxiety-free? How can driving be made easier for everyone, especially the elderly? To continue to respond to the needs of this changing age, we, at Mitsubishi Electric, will use the manufacturing skills we have cultivated over 90 years of experience to do our best to move forward into the future. Through the development of technologies for less fuel consumption in internal combustion engines, and of next-generation power-train systems, we are contributing to reducing CO 2 emissions.


Used Garage Equipment the classic is back! Second Hand Equipment. Used garage equipment we regularly have in stock are; used vehicle lifts, used 2-Post lifts, used 4-Post lifts, used scissor lifts, used in ground lifts, used wheel equipment, used tyre changers, used air compressors. Remember we offer free, no obligation site surveys to assist you in choosing garage workshop equipment products that are suitable for your needs. One of the world's largest inventories of used - reconditioned - and new automotive equipment and automotive tools, is held by Allstate's Of America, Inc.

Select and install plant and equipment properly, use it carefully, and make sure it is maintained to meet the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations.

View more news here or follow our social channels:. It was a great day for a picnic! The Morgan Motor Company Visitor Centre is undergoing extensive development over the winter of This exciting project will revolutionise the visitor experience, with a stunning modern redesign of the building and brand new visitor facilities.

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The Garage Equipment Divisio n handles wheel balancing machines, tire changers and alignments for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The Vibration Division manufactures vibration sensors, stationary and portable equipment for vibration measurement and analysis, balancing in service conditions, 24h monitoring and control of vibration to protect large machinery in the energy and industrial plant fields such as gas turbines, compressor pumps and motors. Since the headquarters have always been located in Italy, at Mandello del Lario, on the eastern shore of Lake Como.

Automotive industry in Belarus

If you need something nowadays, typically it's pretty easy to get. You simply hop in the car, hit up Target or Wal-Mart , and in a little while you have what you need. You don't really need to think about how it's made -- unless you're a big fan of "How It's Made" on the Science Channel, that is. But even if you worked at the factory that produced whatever it is you bought, chances are you might not have a complete understanding of how the entire product was made.

From panel stamping to assembly, PHD has solutions to provide the motion automakers require.

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