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Storage industry regenerate, crude rubbers, different glues, products from latexes, glues and gummed

Storage industry regenerate, crude rubbers, different glues, products from latexes, glues and gummed

Handbook of Adhesives Preparation and surfac Mathematical Handbook Tribological contact a As a matter of convenience, the adhesives have been arranged in alphabetical order, without regard to classi? Certain general categories are also listed, such as alloys, aromatic polymer, conductive, delayed-tack, elastomeric adhesives, anaerobic,?

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Rubber cement

It is used when stiffness of the label is important. Opacity is high because of its thickness. See also humidity and relative humidity. Inks will also absorb into most paper face stocks.

This is a designation for top coating on foil face stock that is acrylic top coated. Acrylic top coatings are compatible with water or solvent based flexo inks, but are not compatible with offset printing.

NC or nitrocellulose coatings are used for offset printing. We test adhesives with accelerated aging techniques to predict shelf life and long term performance. Most test procedures are based on storage of the sample at elevated temperature conditions at a specific humidity. It does not weather well compared to polyesters and vinyls because it has little UV resistance. Normally it is only recommended for indoor applications. Acetate volume has been largely replaced by polystyrene which is much less expensive.

Polystyrene otherwise has similar characteristics. The adhesive or product is neither acidic or alkaline. This is an important property for labels that need to last forever. Acidic materials tend to yellow with age. Generally acrylic adhesives do not offer as high of quick stick properties as rubber or latex based adhesives, but they have better aging characteristics.

They have excellent UV resistance. Some are used for repositionable label applications. It is a common term used with moistening of water sensitive adhesives and heating of heat sensitive adhesives. Degree of adhesion is usually affected by the chemical nature of the substrate, surface shape and surface conditions of the material to which a label is applied. Acrylic permanent adhesives offer adhesion build up which enables them to be used for some repositionalble applications.

Adhesion build up in a removable adhesive is not a good property. If adhesion builds up too much, the adhesive will become permanent. In some cases adhesives could bleed so much that they go through the face stock, making it transparent looking. Many rubber based pressure sensitive adhesives will bleed after prolonged contact with a vinyl substrate.

This is caused by plasticizer migration through the adhesive. The plasticizer softens the adhesive to a point where it flows through the face stock. Adhesive migration could cause adhesive contamination for the contents of the labeled package. This can be an important factor in end user selection of removable adhesives. On one hand they want the adhesive to stick well enough that it does not flag, but on the other hand they want the adhesive to remove cleanly without adhesive residue.

Most of Technicote pressure sensitive adhesives are coated on the liner. When the liner and face stock are laminated, the adhesive transfers from the liner to the face stock. Automotive Industry Action Group. Address: W. Automatic Identification Manufacturers, Inc. The relative position of a scanner or light source to the target of the receiving element. In spite of its name, it will not apply successfully at all temperatures.

Generally all temperature adhesives are only used when application is done at a wide variety of temperatures because they are more expensive than permanent adhesives. See also cold temperature adhesive and freezer adhesive. When alligatoring is fine and incomplete, it is usually called checking. The character set which contains letters, numbers and usually other characters such as special symbols. Without adequate adhesive anchorage, labels could be easily removed and much of the adhesive would stay on the substrate.

This can also refer to the degree with which the ink or toner is bonded to the surface. It was the original type of strong gum in water remoistenable adhesives. See also strong gum and bone glue. Bubbles caused by foaming could cause some parts of the surface being coated to have uncoated areas. An anvil cut label would be a sheeted label. It is frequently calculated by dividing the basis weight by the caliper. The numerical value depends on the basis weight system used for the paper.

As long as basis weight systems are equal, a paper with a lower number would be less dense. Density of the paper will have a big bearing on how large diameter a 2, pound roll of paper will be.

Most pressure sensitive adhesives have a range of recommended application temperatures. They will vary depending on the type of adhesive.

Most general purpose permanent adhesives are designed for application between room temperature and about 50 degrees F. Cold temperature adhesives may be designed for application at temperatures between room temperature and 35 degrees F. Freezer adhesives may be designed for application between 50 degrees F and degrees F.

If application occurs outside the recommended range, the user runs the risk of reduced performance or adhesion failure. In adhesives it refers to the fact that water is used as the adhesive carrier during coating. The artificial aging techniques can also be referred to as accelerated aging. Some common properties that are evaluated are dimensional stability, effect of contact with water, effect of contact with chemicals, light stability and resistance to fatigue.

Ash content can have a bearing on electrical properties of papers. When an adhesive is rolled between the fingers, it can become a small ball. An example would be sock band labels. Usually there is a slight overlap and the adhesive sticks to itself. An array of parallel rectangular bars and spaces that together represent a single data element or.

A single group of bars and spaces which represent an individual number, letter, punctuation mark or other symbol. The number of characters which can be represented in a linear unit of measure. Bar code density is often expressed in characters per inch CPI. The thickness of a bar measured from the edge closest to the symbol start character to the trailing edge of the same bar.

Reduction of the nominal bar width dimension on film masters or printing plates to compensate for printing gain. It is a coating applied to the face stock on the side opposite the printing surface to provide increased opacity to the face stock. It can also be used to reduce adhesive migration through the face stock and to improve anchorage of the adhesive to the face stock.

There are a number of different basis weight systems. Most pressure sensitive label face stocks use a book basis weight. For example, sheets 25 x 38 of a 60 paper will weight Also the weight in pounds of a ream of paper cut to a given size.

Most face stocks are on book basis. Bonds and other products for the forms industry is on a bond basis. Release liners and some industrial products are on a kraft basis. Some care is important when quoting to make sure that you are asking for the correct weight.

There are no blank edges. Blisters can be caused by insufficient adhesive coating, inadequate curing, entrapped air, or improper cleaning of the surface. Blocking can also occur with heat or water sensitive papers. If heat sensitive papers are subjected to excessive heat, the adhesive will activate.

One layer will stick to the next. If water sensitive adhesives have too much moisture applied prematurely, they also can block.

There are recommendations for storage and processing of both products to reduce blocking. During coating, they are dried chemically with a powder. We remove excessive powder before the product ships, but the powder tends to come out or bloom during aging.

When the dust blooms, the powder transfers to the printing surface which can make clean printing difficult. A common weight is A 20 paper on this system will weigh the same as a 50 paper figured on the book basis weight system. It was extracted from bones by cooking with steam under pressure. Strong gum was originally an animal glue or bone glue, but now adhesion properties are enhanced chemically. See also animal glue and strong gum.

Bits per inch. The linear density of encoded information number of characters encoded per linear inch of the bar code symbol. The equipment makes small cracks in the adhesive to allow it to expand and contract without causing excessive curl.

2-Pyrol™ 2-pyrrolidone

Abrasion Resistance - The ability of a tape to withstand rubbing or wearing away by friction and still function satisfactorily. Accelerated Aging - A method in which pressure sensitive materials are subjected to special environmental conditions in order to measure the effects of natural aging in a shorter period of time. Acrylic Adhesive - A pressure sensitive, viscoelastic blend of acrylic-based high strength polymers which may be modified by tackifying additives. Acrylic adhesives are a very broad class of materials and come in many types to achieve different properties.

Usually ships within 5 days. Animal glues are essentially natural high-polymer proteins. These organic colloids are derived from collagen which is the.

A coating or film applied to a surface to prevent or reduce its adhesion to another material. See release agent. In effect it creates an exceptionally thin photonegative attached directly to the printing plate material. Surface damage caused by the rubbing of a part against another part or package surface. The ability of a surface to withstand the effects of repeated rubbing, scuffing and scratching.

Trade mark journal service - Maintenance

Specialty and Industrial Coatings. Inks and Printing. Intermediates and Solvents. Skin and Sun Care. Paper and Coatings. Architectural Paints. Whipped toppings and desserts.

Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants

Harmonized System Description Heading Jordan tariff codes List No. List of goods of Singapore origin which are exempt from customs duties and other charges having equivalent effect starting the date of entry into force of this agreement. Birds' eggs, not in shell, and egg yolks, fresh, dried, cooked by steaming or by boiling in water, moulded, frozen or otherwise preserved, whether or not containing added sugar or other.

Social and Economic Macro economic data Population and employment Land area and land use. Gross domestic product at purchaser values market prices is the sum of gross value added by all resident and non-resident producers in the economy plus any taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products.

This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Each type of adhesive is classified by source, principal characteristics and application followed by more extensive information on properties, typical application and health and safety consideration. In selecting an adhesive the following factors shall be considered: a Whether the resulting joint will be suffi- ciently strong for the required purpose and under the conditions of storage; b The technique of application to be employed; c Convenience and economy in use; and d The possible long term interaction of the adhesive with other components of the completed pack, for ex-imple, effect on inks, corrosive effect, effect of plasticiser migration, etc.

Glossary of Terminology

Handbook of Adhesion Technology pp Cite as. There is a pervading presence of adhesive joints in nature. Adhesive secretions are used by organisms for attachment, construction, obstruction, defense, and predation. Most natural materials are hybrid materials combining organic and inorganic building blocks.

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This article begins with an overview of the fundamentals of adhesive technology, including functions, limitations, adhesive joint types, and the key factors in the selection of adhesives, including application, type of joint, process limitation, mechanical requirement, and service conditions. It then focuses on the characteristics, types, and properties of the five groups of adhesives, such as structural, hot melt, pressure sensitive, water based, ultraviolet, and electron beam cured adhesives. The article also discusses the functions and applications of adhesive modifiers, including fillers, adhesion promoters, tackifiers, and tougheners. It gives a short note on functions of primers and primerless bonding. Applications of adhesives in automotive, aerospace, electronics, electrical, medical, sports, and construction sectors are also described. Finally, the article describes the steps in adhesive bonding, including storage and handling of adhesives, bonding preparation, adhesive application, tooling, and curing.


Brake cleaner with excellent dissolving properties. Brake Cleaner leaves no residue and is non-conductive and noncorrosive. MoTip Brake Cleaner has a powerful jetspray and can be used in various positions. Dries in a few minutes. Application: drum brakes and disc brakes, brake blocks, other brake parts and clutches. It does not contain cadmium and lead. For industrial applications, in car workshops and factories. Removes and dissolves greasy stains, lubricants and silicone from brake discs, clutch parts, transmission parts, cables, tool components, etc.

Products Suitable For Use As Glues Or Adhesives. Put Up For treatment of coniferous woods; crude dipentene; sulphite kind used in the paper or similar industries, n.e.s. More Different Halogens (Excl. Only With Cellular Regenerated Cellulose, Not Reinforced, Carboxylated Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Latex.

The present invention is directed to a particular problem associated with the secondary fiber industry. The problem addressed by the present invention is found in all stages of this particular industry, including the repulping stage, the paper or paper product formation stage, paper or paper product finishing stage, and the handling, storage, and usage stages. The secondary fiber industry utilizes waste paper or paper products as a source of paper fiber commonly referred to as "secondary fiber" to produce finished paper products. Waste paper and paper products which are the source of the secondary fiber include any waste paper product such as newspapers, books, magazines, waste bags and boxes, waste ledgers, files, waste cuttings or trimmings from pressure sensitive adhesive backed labels, decals, stickers i. In producing the secondary fibers from these sources, a particular problem is encountered due to the adhesives, ink and coating binders primarily those composed of synthetic polymers that are found on some of the waste paper being utilized.

Rubber cement is an adhesive made from elastic polymers typically latex mixed in a solvent such as acetone , hexane , heptane or toluene to keep them fluid enough to be used. This makes it part of the class of drying adhesives : as the solvents quickly evaporate, the rubber solidifies, forming a strong yet flexible bond. Rubber cement is simply a mixture of solid rubber in a volatile solvent that will dissolve it. When the cement is applied, the solvent evaporates, leaving the rubber as the adhesive.

It is used when stiffness of the label is important. Opacity is high because of its thickness. See also humidity and relative humidity.

Papermaking is thought to have originated in China in about A. Although mechanization increased over the intervening years, batch production methods and agricultural fibre sources remained in use until the s.

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