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Units industrial instruments for measuring dimensions in mechanical engineering

Units industrial instruments for measuring dimensions in mechanical engineering

A measuring instrument is a device for measuring a physical quantity. In the physical sciences , quality assurance , and engineering , measurement is the activity of obtaining and comparing physical quantities of real-world objects and events. Established standard objects and events are used as units , and the process of measurement gives a number relating the item under study and the referenced unit of measurement. Measuring instruments, and formal test methods which define the instrument's use, are the means by which these relations of numbers are obtained. All measuring instruments are subject to varying degrees of instrument error and measurement uncertainty.

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Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve Units industrial instruments for measuring dimensions in mechanical engineering, but each case is unique.

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Introductory Chapter: Metrology

Here is 50 Measuring instruments for mechanical engineer. Every Mechanical Engineering student or employ should know about this. Vernier Caliper is a widely used linear measurement instrument with a least count of 0.

It is used to measure linear dimensions like length, diameter, depth. The main scale and the Vernier scale that can slide along the main scale. Two types of measurement we can do, the first one is through external jaw measure external dimensions and another one is internal jaw measure internal dimensions. It is used to check outside diameter of circle by the means of accuracy of 0. Vernier type Micrometer gives highest acceptable accuracy of 1 micron such gauge is vernier type micrometer.

Vernier height gauge used to measure vertical dimension from reference ground. Vernier Height Gauge consist of a graduated scale or bar is held in a vertical position by a finely ground fixed base.

The graduated scale has least count of 0. And the way of taking a reading of measurement in Vernier Height Gauge is same as in Vernier gauge. Steel scale indicates two units that are cm and inches, cm division on one side and inches, on another side. Vernier Depth Gauge as the name suggests is used to measure the depth from the surface of reference of an object. The protractor dial is graduated in degrees with every tenth degree numbered.

The sliding blade is fitted into this dial I. The dial indicator or the Plunger dial gauge is one of the simplest and the most widely used mechanical comparator. Lever Dial gauge usually measure up to 0. But some special type lever dial design for measurement up to 2 mm. A ruler can be used to draw straight lines but there is no quarranty that the line drawn is accurate and exactly straight,this is where the engineering square is brought into use.

An engineering square also known as machinist square is similar in size and construction to a try square. In Industries where precise marking and firm holding of objects is required, V-Blocks play a major role and are extremely important metalworking jigs.

We are all aware that gauges are used to measure the thickness, size or capacity of something. The radius gauge is combined with another gauge known as fillet gauge which in mechanics means a rounding of the part design. Digital Vernier Caliper is upgrading version of Analog Vernier Caliper , which is a widely used linear measurement instrument with a least count of 0. The main scale and the Digital display that can slide along the main scale.

Digital Micrometer is a very popular instrument these days because of its easy of compactness of taking an observation. Inside Micrometer can measure internal Diameter of holes and registers. There are various types of micrometers available in the industry each used for a specific purpose.

The inside micrometer is used to measure the inner diameter of objects that are bonded by walls,cylindrical bore or hollow pipe. There are two types of Inside Micrometer. We also measure depth through Vernier caliper, but Vernier caliper does not deliver as much as accuracy and precision, because extension rod of Vernier caliper has no standard, it used only for comparison purpose.

Depth micrometer used to measure the depth of an object with precision and accuracy with least count of 0. The measuring span is 25 mm just like in micrometer, that can change by changing upsetting rod. The electronic Height gauge is very compact, simple, easy to use instrument widely used in industries, tool rooms, workshops etc.

Some think you should consider while handling Electronic Height Gauge, Because of the cost of Electronic Height gauge matter in any industries or organization.

Electronic height gauge is advance form of height gauge. It has higher accuracy and multi function. An Electronic height gauge can measure diameter,angle, parallelism, squareness along with length. Sine bar is a precision angle measuring instrument along with slip gauges.

The name suggests that Sine bar work on sine principle. Slip gauge used to build up the height of sine bar. The required angle is obtained when the difference in height between the two rollers is equal to the Sine of the angle multiplied by the distance between the centers of the rollers.

Digital Protractor measure an angle over degree with a high accuracy of 0. Digital Protractor is very simple and ease to measure angle by just putting between levels or surface. Slip Gauge is set standard size rectangular shape block. Slip gauges are available in standard sets in both metric and inch units. Bore Dial Gauge use to measure the inner diameter of the hole, it is gauge fitted with a plunger dial gauge. In this video, you are able to know how to measure diameter with a bore dial gauge.

Bore dial gauge used within the standard range that means bore dial gauge have a standard set of pins anvils with the variable range of up to 2 mm. A Feeler gauge is used to measure the clearance between two parallel flat faces for example piston and cylinder. As the name suggests, feeler gauge called as to measure neither tide nor freely. It is a tool that measures air or narrow gap widths between two surfaces in engines and machinery.

Feeler gauge available in no. With a step of 0. Thermocouple consist of two dissimilar conductor wire, made from different metals. These wire are welded together at one end, form a junction used to measure temperature. Thermistors have a high coefficient of resistivity. Thermistors are made of semiconductor of solid type. The suitable temperature measuring range for thermistor is degree Celsius to degree Celsius.

Some special type thermistor can measure up to degree of temperature. The change in temperature is measured by changes in its resistance. So, the Wheatstone bridge circuit is used for it. Also, thermistor can convert changes in temperature to corresponding changes in voltage as a current. Air gets pulled down by gravity and hence air exerts pressure on objects. One such example of measurement is known as a barometer. Barometers are scientific instruments that are used for the measurement of atmospheric or air pressure.

It is an important and essential tool used in the meteorological department for forecasting short term weather and altitude changes. The barometers should be kept at the same level and cannot measure air pressure above the altitude of 5, feet. Initially, water-based barometers were used, later it was replaced by mercury and aneroid barometers which the two most commonly used barometers. Plug gauge is used for assessment of hole or diameter of an object. Behalf of checking the diameter plug gauge also use in comparing, setting, calibrating of other gauges.

In an electric circuit, even if the switch or loop is closed, it is difficult to know whether the current is flowing, hence for this purpose galvanometer was introduced in the circuit. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Close Menu. Vernier Caliper Vernier Caliper is a widely used linear measurement instrument with a least count of 0. It is Basic Instrument of measurement, consist of two types of scale The main scale and the Vernier scale that can slide along the main scale. Vernier Height Gauge Vernier height gauge used to measure vertical dimension from reference ground. Steel Scale Steel scale is single piece linear measuring instrument. Vernier Depth Gauge Vernier Depth Gauge as the name suggests is used to measure the depth from the surface of reference of an object.

Vernier caliper also has depth bar but this can not be used as the standard measurement. Plunger Dial Gauge The dial indicator or the Plunger dial gauge is one of the simplest and the most widely used mechanical comparator.

First of all the use of plunger dial gauge used to compare work-pieces against a master It used to measure sensitive contact. Is it useful? Please Share. Like this: Like Loading Previous Entry Are you Mechanical Engineer? Next Entry Free E-books. Thanks for writing in Deepanshu Like Like. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Measuring instrument

Metrology, the science of measurement, is crucial for manufacturing technologies. Since manufacturing has made huge leaps depending on the improvements in metrology, the book reflects recent developments in metrology in detail. This book focuses on dimensional and geometric measurements as well as technical testing and quality control applications in industry. It also intends the fundamentals of metrology concerning the related standards and systems of units. In addition, the book considers the calibration of measurement instruments and measurement uncertainties as the basic requirements of the related quality standards.

Here is some most commonly used mechanical instruments for measurement in industries. Learn all top instruments in our Free Online Course. Highlights of this blog in this Video.

Here is 50 Measuring instruments for mechanical engineer. Every Mechanical Engineering student or employ should know about this. Vernier Caliper is a widely used linear measurement instrument with a least count of 0. It is used to measure linear dimensions like length, diameter, depth. The main scale and the Vernier scale that can slide along the main scale.

Top-10 Mechanical Measuring Instruments

Machinery onboard ships require regular care and maintenance so that their working life and efficiency can be increased, and the cost of operation, which includes unnecessary breakdowns and spares, can be reduced. For different types of machinery and systems, various measuring tools, instruments and gauges are used on a ship. Measuring instruments and gauges are used to measure various parameters such as clearance, diameter, depth, ovality, trueness, etc. These are critical engineering parameters, which describe the condition of the working machinery. Below, we have compiled a list of mechanical measuring instruments and mechanical gauges which are extensively used on the ship for the recording of different parameters. There are many instruments, tools and gauges which are used on a daily basis onboard ship for measurement, fault finding, wear down etc. They are used to measure lengths and other geometrical parameters. This tool is one of the most famous measuring instruments in mechanical engineering.

30+ Measuring Instruments for Mechanical Engineer

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Different Types of Mechanical Measuring Tools and Gauges Used on Ships

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