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Plant manufacture pottery, woodchip, cooperage, wickerwork

Plant manufacture pottery, woodchip, cooperage, wickerwork

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It can range from p:anting trees in p! Subscription rates are: 20 per year in Britain and the E. A list of back issue contents is included in our current catalogue, available on request for 3 x 1st class stamps. Back issues cost 4. Email: mail agroforestry. Website: www. The Trust depends on donations and sales of publications, seeds and plcnts to fund its work. Contributions are welcomed, and should be typed clearly or sent on disk in a common fannat.

Many articles in Agroforestry News refer to edible and medicinal crops; such crops, if unknown to the reader, should be tested carefully before major use, and medicinal plants should only be administered on the advice of a qualified practitioner; somebody, somewhere, may be fatally allergic to even tame species. The editor, authors and publishers of Agroforestry News cannot be held responsible for any illness caused by the use or misuse of such crops.

Editor: Martin Crawford. TOg 6JT. As the e are many settlements in the valleys of the Alps, mountain forests often serve as protection against natural hazards particularly avalanches , in addition to timber production.

Farmers graze their cattle in mosaics of coniferous forests, open pastures with diverse herbaceous vegetation, and half open pastures with dwarf shrubs and young trees. The Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research studied both the benefits of forest grazing for cattle, and the implications on forest structure and biodiversity. The condition of young trees was assessed and the selection of herbaceous species recorded, the digestibility of the herbage calculated, and the long-term influence on forest structure studied.

The results suggest that young conifers are not severely damaged by grazing cattle if stocking density is low and the ranges are sufficientry large, enabling the cattle to select herbage plant species of adequate digestibility. Grazed forests have a more open and heterogeneous diverse structure than ungrazed forests. The increased insolation promotes both plant species diversity and natural regeneration.

Thus sustainable management of Alpine silvopastoral systems can combine animal nutrition, biodiversity and avalanche protection. Austrian traditional agroforestry practices In Austria's rural regions traditional practices such as grazed orchards, fodder trees, hedges and forest grazing still exist. J Studies over the past 8 years have identified various traditional practices, including ash Fraxinus excelsior as fodder trees, larch Larix decidua meadows and grazed forests; and new forms of agroforestry including mouflon and fallow deer in high stem pear and apple orchards, Shropshire sheep in Christmas tree Abies alba plantations, pigs in elderberry Sambucus nigra plantations, ana wild boar and domestic pig crossbreeds in spruce afforestation.

The main motives for farmers to integrate agroforestry practices are related to raising site productivity, complying with higher organic standards for animal husbandry and to widen product variety. Farmers listed benefits such as: microclimate amelioration, higher soil fertility, additional fodder and higher fodder quality, slope stabilisation, animal welfare and additional income.

Results of 20 Years of alley cropping There is good economic potential in the Midwestern USA when tree plantations of high-value veneer wood are intercropped with annual cash crops. Management of resource availability in the cropping alley are limited to those which maintain veneer wood production goals. Thinning in years 9 and 14 resulted in the highest tree diameter growth across the period but had little effect on reversing declining crop yields.

Tree root cutting immediately improved crop access to nutrients and water so that there was little difference in crop yields observed between middle and edge row crops of maize. Agroforestry in the Himalayas Agroforestry is one of the basic tradition occupations of millions inhabiting the Himalayas, with both simultaneous and sequential systems practised.

While simultaneous systems such as boundary planting, alley cropping and silvopasture are common in the drier heights of the northern and western Himalayas, the humid eastern and southern Himalayas inspire shifting cultivation, taungya systems and multi-strat a systems forest gardens and farms. Hundreds of Himalayan tribes have almost institutionalised agroforestry practices, and the indigenous knowledge of mountain dwellers in terms of plot selection, crop selection, crop rotation etc.

In the Himalayas, forests are part of the agro-pastoral continuum: most Himalayan tribes use grasslands and forests as common proerty under collective tenure - utilisation of land by spacing trees and crops, management and regeneration are collectively supervised by the indigenous communities who rely heavily on oral tradition and experience.

The multi-strata system combining large cardamom Amomum subulatum with Nepalese alder Alnus nepalensis adopted in the Sikkim Himalayas has proved to be sustainable and highly profitable. Uni versity of Florida, To protect the 20 million Ha of croplands from soil erosion and desertification.

These include: 1. The large-scale farmland shelterbelt networks established since the 's for protecting farmlands from wind erosion and desertification in the west of the region, 2. The combination of farmlands. The special northern ecological homegarden combining fruit tree planting and small protected production of vegetables. Pigs and biogas in homegardens developed and extended in the mid and southern areas of the region, 5. The combination systems of medicinal herb production and tree plantations in the eastern area of the region.

Source: Wen, 0 et al : Agroforestry in Northeastern China. Good yields were obtained from all cultivars, the highest yields from Pearson's Prolific Nottingham Cob and White Filbert.

The largest nuts, though were mainly from more recent cultivars - Butler, Caraber, Ennis and the oldff Hail's Giant. The trees is our chestnut trial cropped extremely well for the second year running. Despite the average summer conditions, cropping started on h September and continued until 26 th October when all remaining nuts were brought down by several days of gales.

The larger nuts were sold through a local farm shop, the smaller ones dried for storage and further processing. Walnut cropping - Our walnut variety trial in Dartington, Devon was planted in the winter of , with two trees of each variety planted.

This was the first year of crop measurement, mainly due to the fad that squirrels were finally under control using live traps. In previous years there has been serious squirrel damage to the bark of some trees as well as predation on the nuts. Yields in general were disappointirgly low. Highest yields were from Broadview, Femor and Femette - all yielding a"ouild 2 kg and with Broadview this despite a bad attack oJNalnut blight.

Walnuts are known heavy feeders and the low yields may be due, at least to some extent, to lack of feeding the trees have only been fed once, with rotted manure, five years ago. Hence next spring they will receh. Heartnut cropping - Our heartnut trial was planted in the winter of and consisted on 28 seedling trees grown from seed obtained from known mother trees in Ontario, Canada. The aim of the trial is to select out the best fruiting trees to name and propagate on.

Cropping on some trees started in Cropping was good on some trees in All trees were very healthy with no symptoms of the leaf and nut diseases seen on walnuts. The best tree, E14, bears nuts which resemble buartnuts more than true heartnuts - total crop was about 1. Trees producing more 'true' heartnuts ripened their nuts later, from l SI October. Radiation frosts frequently injure vegetation early and late in the growing season even when air temperatures are warm enough to maintain plant health.

Radiation frosts occur at night when clear sky conditions result in a large net loss in long wave radiation from plant surfaces and a lack of wind minimises convective heat gain from the air. Obstrueting the open sky from the plant upward field-ot-view is one strategy for reducing the severity of radiation frost by providing a surface much warmer than open sky with which plants exchange long wave radiation.

Shade cloth or fleece mounted over vegetation is effective but costly. Trees can provide a much cheaper solution which minimises radi ation frost damage.

Clearly, there will also be shadi ng effects, possibly detrimental to a forage or tree crop interplanted within rows of conifers, hence careful design would be necessary in such a system. These experiments would indicate that there will be significant benefits of planting trees, shrubs or other crops close and to the south of coniferous or other evergreen vegetation, in terms of radiation frost protection.

In addition, crops thus situated would suffer very little from any shading effects. Walnuts also reduce harmful cell adhesion molecules which are associated with atherosclerosis hardening of the arteries. These dual effects enhance the circulatory system, therefore aiding in the prevention of heart disease.

Published in 'Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association', the study concludes that the results provide further support for the inclusion of walnuts in healthy diets. As well as the effects mentioned, the walnut diet decreased both total and LDL cholesterol.

Walnuts differ from all other nuts because of their high content of alpha-linolenic acid, a fatty acid, which may provide additional anti-artherogenic properties.

The berries are also appreciated by many birds grouse, partridge, quail, American robins, European blackbirds and thrushes and many mammals. In North America the berries form an important part of the diet of bears and chipmunk, while deer, elk, rabbit and hare graze on the leaves and young stems.

North America contains the largest number of edible species, also the important commercial ones - blueberries and cranberries. Some European countries do have extensive amounts of wi ld plants which are sti ll harvested commercially. Some of the wild species are named huckleberri es in North America, but they should not be confused with Gaylussacia which are the better known huckleberries with edible fruit.

Edible uses Most species of Vaccinium have edible fruit which has long been gathered from wild plants and eaten raw or cooked V. Many Native Americans combined dried pounded meat with melted fat and any available dried berries often Vaccinium species to make ' pemmican' which would store for a long time and be easily carried.

They also added fresh or died berries to stews. The settlers from Europe brought recipes with them which they used to make jams, jellies, cakes, cookies and so on. Cultivated forms of blueberries are derived from V. Medicinal uses Many species of Vaccinium have long been used medicinally. In North America, Indian tribes used and continue to use every part of the plants - flowers, fruits , leaves, young shoots, bark and roots. In the 18 th century, bilberries V. During World War II , British and Canadian air force pilots found that their night vision improved after eating bilberry jam over a long period.

This Jed to much clinical research in the decades that followed. Air traffic controllers, airline pilots and truck drivers have also reported improved night vision when given regular extracts of bilberry fruit. Other visual benefits which have been noted are an improvement in myopia shortsightedness and the relief of symptoms of tired eyes.

The red, blue or violet pigments in the skins of Vaccinium fruits are due to the presence of organic chemicals polyphenols. However, when produced in excess or not efficiently removed, they can be highly destructive and destroy the outer membranes of healthy cells , causing degeneration and death of cell sin tissues where they are active. Antioxidants combine with free radicals and render them harmless.

These polyphenols also have other effects, some being antibacterial and antiviral, others are anticarcenogenic, antiangiogenic and antiallergenic. They also boost levels of glutathione in the body, an important agent which helps repair damaged DNA and in the liver detoxifies carcinogens and other toxins.

There is evidence that raising levels of glutath,ione can reduce age-related diseases and increase life span. These polyphenols are in greatest concentration sin the small-berries species and varieties.

They are times more potent than vitamin C and are not destroyed by cooking.

Archaeology of Culture Contact and Colonialism in Spanish and Portuguese America

ICON Group analysts use these codes on occasion to series estimate and forecast latent demand outlook for a given product category. These econometric predictions are global and cover all major economies of the world, giving full international scope on trends. Brief Description. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting. Crop Production.

This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In the first years of a liberal arts college program, in Junior Colleges, and in Teacher Training Colleges, there has appeared a need for introductory texts which give the student a survey of certain fundamental concepts and their relationship to human existence, as a part of the cultural education which will enrich the lives of our citizens of tomorrow.

You are here Aloe Vera : Powder. Aloe Vera : Miscellaneous. Natural gas volumes adjusted to pressure base of Natural gas liquids, nsk.

Singapore Standard Industrial Classification 2010 - Statistics ...

The Orders set out in the First Schedule to this Order are hereby revoked. Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers. Edible fruit and nuts; peel of melons or citrus fruit. Coffee, tea, mate and spices Cereals Products of the milling industry; malt and stal'ches ; gluten; inulin. Raw vegetable materials of a kind suitable for use in dyeing or in tanning; lacs; gums, resins and other vegetable saps and extracts. Vegetable plaiting and carving materials; vegetable pl'oducts not elsewhere specified or included. Ceramic products I Glass and glassware ' Any reference in a heading.

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Archaeology of Culture Contact and Colonialism in Spanish and Portuguese America contributes to disrupt the old grand narrative of cultural contact and colonialism in Spanish and Portuguese America in a wide and complete sense. This edited volume aims at exploring contact archaeology in the modern era. Archaeology has been exploring the interaction of peoples and cultures from early times, but only in the last few decades have cultural contact and material world been recognized as crucial elements to understanding colonialism and the emergence of modernity. Modern colonialism studies pose questions in need of broader answers.

This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on our website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site.

Singapore Standard Industrial Classification - Statistics No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form including photocopying or storing it in any medium by electronic means and whether or nottransiently or incidentally to some other use of this publication without the prior writtenpermission of the copyright owner except in accordance with the provisions of the CopyrightAct Cap. The Actguarantees the confidentiality of information collected relating fromindividuals and companies. It spells out the legislative authority andresponsibility of the Chief Statistician.

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Much of the filtration or purification plant of this heading is purely static equipment with no moving parts. The heading covers filters and purifiers of all types physical or mechanical, chemical, magnetic, electro-magnetic, electrostatic, etc. The heading covers not only large industrial plant, but also filters for internal combustion engines and small domestic appliances. The heading does not , however, include filter funnels, milk strainers, vessels, tanks, etc. B Machines for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit or other agricultural produce, other than machinery of heading This heading covers 1 all machines used for printing by means of the plates or cylinders of the previous heading, and 2 other printers, copying machines and facsimile machines, whether or not combined.

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Artefacts and environmental remains are abundant from archaeological excavations across Europe, but until now they have most commonly been used to accompany broader narratives built on historical sources and studies of topography and buildings, rather than being studied as important evidence in their own right. The papers in this volume aim to redress the balance by taking an environmental and artefact-based approach to life in medieval Europe. The contributions included here address central themes such as urban identities, the nature of towns and their relationship with their hinterlands, provisioning processes, and the role of ritual and religion in everyday life. Case studies from across Europe encourage a comparative approach between town and country, and provide a pan-European perspective to current debates. The volume is divided into four key parts: an exploration of the processes of provisioning; an assessment of the dynamics of urban population; an examination of domestic life; and a discussion of the status quaestionis and future potential of urban environmental archaeology. Together, these sections make a significant contribution to medieval archaeology and offer new and unique insights into the conditions of everyday life in medieval Europe. If you have personal access to this content, log in with your username and password here:.

Main (NACE): - Manufacturing, Manufacture of wood and of products of wood, plate, the production of wood wool, wood flour, production of wood chips or shavings , Wholesale wickerwork, cork products, cooperage and wooden products , Retail sale of flowers and plants, seeds and fertilizers.

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It can range from p:anting trees in p! Subscription rates are: 20 per year in Britain and the E. A list of back issue contents is included in our current catalogue, available on request for 3 x 1st class stamps.

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