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Industrial building container-type gas stations and equipment for them

Industrial building container-type gas stations and equipment for them

A stationary container system is a tank or a process container together with its associated pipe work and fittings normally located in one place. The requirements for a stationary tank are more specific than for a process container. Stationary container systems can hold flammable, oxidising, toxic and corrosive substances. Stationary tanks are used for storing or supplying hazardous liquids, and are normally located at specific places. Stationary tanks include:.

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Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve Industrial building container-type gas stations and equipment for them, but each case is unique.

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Stationary tanks and process containers

The Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH is a highly specified manufacturer of storage and transport tanks of steel. Our gas-station units are mainly used for the storage of fuel and lubricants as well as a fuel supply diesel, biodiesel, petrol, kerosene, ethanol, bioethanol and vegetable oils for trucks, cars, construction machines, mining machines, diesel locomotives, boats, yachts, airplaines and helicopter.

The within a millimetre manufacturing of the products meet not only the normal demands of the plant construction, but also to those of the mechanical engineering. Our CNC-supported manufacturing guarantees constant high quality. Comprehensive high-class tests accompany our tanks and containers during the whole manufacturing. With our CAD designers we develop in addition to our standard tanks your customized design fast and competently.

As a mobile gas station as well as drinking water tank. Our comprehensive licensing programme for our tanks, containers our equipment guarantees for you that our products always correspond to the newest state of technology. Our tank containers and constructions are in use on all continents worldwide, therefore, we know about the climatic characteristics in the respective regions of the world as well as around the special mechanical demand in certain parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our heavy mining containers even count after year constant application as "unbreakable". Our special trademark is our patented cubic form of structure. This guarantees for you an optimum utilisation of space, economical transports and the best integration in existing arrangements or infrastructure. Our tanks and containers are laid out for a long life expectancy.

Therefore, countless construction details have flowed in onto the construction and the interpretation of our products to exclude damages by corrosion or overloading. Our containers are produced with ISO-norm dimensions or special dimensions as well, if requested with GL or safety standards approval, in heavy full-steel quality. All essential construction parts are laid out after DIBT licensings and checked by verifiable calculations and are crafted.

An extensive equipment range provides for varied container variations. Excellent corrosion prevention coatings guarantee longevity. We construct and craft for you transport tank containers, storage tank containers, office containers, transport platforms, transport frames with enclosures as well as construction containers for procedure-technical processes. Quality: Our modern quality management in tank construction guarantees high standard products. Transport tanks, storage tanks, transport containers, camp containers, tank stations.

Security: Optimal safety concept by means of extensive national and international licensings for single-wall and double-wall tanks and containers. Price: Production of inexpensive, modular tank farms by means of building blocks philosophy with standardised equipment. Time: Quick construction of our tank arrangements on site by premounted, transportable complete plants or in assemblies of disassembled constructions.

Assembly: Completeness of the equipment guarantees a problem-free assembly on site. The delivery of complete systems is carried out with exactly defined interfaces. Construction: Individual CAD construction in the order processing. Life expectancy: Application of robust materials in the tank arrangement construction guarantees a long life expectancy.

Modern product concepts accommodate to the demands of the next decades. Service: Excellent use thanks to a simple assembling of the construction and building blocks of the system. Space requirement: Cubic structural form and compact assembling guarantee minor space requirement and stacking properties of the tank containers.

Design: The best possible integration in surroundings, by a modern design and individual colouration of our tank stations. This means that the unit has the certificate of a … Read More. How does the Krampitz large fuel depot function? How is the fuel distributed in the depot? The heart of the depot is the administrator.

The input-output unit of the fuel depot. The depot is filled here. And: The vehicles are tanked on the other side. Whereas the fuel is stored in … Read More. A strong steel construction encloses this tank. This steel structure is capable of accommodating heavy machinery containers and equipment such … Read More. Krampitz tank container with 4 chambers diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, urea.

Designed in collaboration with Krampitz Scandinavia AS. In operation for the supply of villages in Norway. Krampitz large fuel tank depot — gas station cluster for mining, industry, power stations…. The Krampitz large storage tank farm. Ideal for mining, industry and power plants. Effective fuel supply. Also for the big ones. Transportation and construction are extremely easy thanks to containerized design and standardized equipment.

Construction large fuel tank depot First … Read More. However, if a region can provide sufficient fuel:. That means: … Read More. From May 15th to 17th, we are looking forward to having interesting conversations and making many new business contacts.

Documentation on the delivery and installation of an above-ground gas station in the mobile container in Norway by Krampitz. Krampitz Fuel Station Container Why is the issue of fuel station containers as opposed to construction and expansion of traditional fuel stations so topical and acute? One of the main reasons is the large number of new type of energy and fuels for vehicles. Today, you have the opportunity to choose between.

Krampitz has been manufacturing fuel station modules in containerized form since The first fuel stations were still without container transport frames in ISO standard dimensions. The production of container fuel stations started with the mentioned ISO transport frame at the end of The first major customer for these systems … Read More.

High security tank system with fuel cleaning system for large emergency power systems as well as uninterruptible power supply UPS. In the 20s and 30s, drums constituted an optimum transport packaging as there was no sufficient quantity of forklift trucks … Read More. Tauri Film from Berlin documents the emergence of a prototype of the new Krampitz universal filling stations. At high and low ambient temperatures, heat insulated storage tanks are an important measure for security of supply to industrial installations as well as to professional gas stations when housing temperature-sensitive media.

Being a genuine alternative to railway and air traffic, the long-distance bus provides a vital contribution to the overall mobility. In order to never halt … Read More. Tank equipment and service stations for trains Tanks for Rail Vehicles We at Krampitz developed a multitude of special solutions for tank equipment of rail vehicles.

Our constructions go far beyond the simple stocking of fuels. We offer comprehensive concepts for any application regarding trains and railway. The modular design of our … Read More. Tanks and Fuel Systems for Mechanical Engineering The Correct Media for Each Process State-of-the-art mechanical engineering is dependent on the permanent and reliable supply of media of various kinds.

Lubricants, fuels, coolants and more recently also additives to exhaust gas cleaning shall be available locally and always in sufficient quantities. When there is … Read More. Many deposits are far from any civilization. In case of surface or underground mining, this is all the more true: Powerful mining equipment is of vital importance to ensure an efficient operation of the extraction site.

This … Read More. Urea — Krampitz storage tanks Take the Dread Away From the Diesel Diesel engines are considered to be one of the worst polluters of the environment. Modern engines with innovative management and high-efficiency emission control must not fear any comparison to their gasoline counterparts with catalyst.

By the addition of urea, diesel … Read More. Krampitz fuel equipment for liquid fuels Fuel Station Container by Krampitz — Quick, Mobile, Modular Comfortable, fast and mobile solutions around the fuel equipment for liquid fuels are the mission of Krampitz. When there is a need for fuel station equipment which can be installed with minimum effort, we can deliver.

Our … Read More. It is located in Tromso city, but more specifically the shopping center Jekta, which is adjacent to the airport Langnes. The facility is for vehicles and has received mean a great start and has the potential to reach three million liters in the first full year … Read More. In July , the KTS supplied two full tank systems, each consisting of:. The tanks were equipped with a dispensing … Read More.

Send … Read More. Our Mobile Fuel Stations are used for diesel, biodiesel, petrol, kerosene, ethanol, bioethanol and vegetable oils for trucks, cars, … Read More. Der Tag des Bergmanns, bereits zum 3. Am Sonntag, Die Vorbereitungen laufen. Die Krampitz International Engineering, s. It is integrated in an ISO frame and unifies all advantages of the system. Particularly such as:. Unsere Produkte … Read More. Office container — mobile, immediately operational container cabinsAfter ISO measure made container modules as an office containerAs office containers our containers cabins are called, made after ISL measure which can be used as a mobile office.

Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH – Tank container construction

We provide solution about LPG filling storage stations more than 55 country, from turkey to Word for 24 years. Thanks to this system, customers make a high logistic profits. Product Gallery. Product No Documents Technicality Documents Video Documents.

The Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH is a highly specified manufacturer of storage and transport tanks of steel. Our gas-station units are mainly used for the storage of fuel and lubricants as well as a fuel supply diesel, biodiesel, petrol, kerosene, ethanol, bioethanol and vegetable oils for trucks, cars, construction machines, mining machines, diesel locomotives, boats, yachts, airplaines and helicopter. The within a millimetre manufacturing of the products meet not only the normal demands of the plant construction, but also to those of the mechanical engineering.

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Advantages of the DM container type filling station: • Easy installation & easy-to-handle & safe • Building, plot and construction works are not necessary. It.

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