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Manufactory commercial yarn produced by the hemp-jute industry

Manufactory commercial yarn produced by the hemp-jute industry

Textile manufacturing is one of the oldest human activities. The oldest known textiles date back to about B. In order to make textiles, the first requirement is a source of fibre from which a yarn can be made, primarily by spinning. The yarn is processed by knitting or weaving to create cloth. The machine used for weaving is the loom. Cloth is finished by what are described as wet processes to become fabric.

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Flax, Hemp & Jute Yarns Suppliers

Textile manufacturing is one of the oldest human activities. The oldest known textiles date back to about B. In order to make textiles, the first requirement is a source of fibre from which a yarn can be made, primarily by spinning. The yarn is processed by knitting or weaving to create cloth. The machine used for weaving is the loom. Cloth is finished by what are described as wet processes to become fabric.

The fabric may be dyed , printed or decorated by embroidering with coloured yarns. The three main types of fibres are natural vegetable fibres , animal protein fibres and artificial fibres.

Natural vegetable fibres include cotton , linen , jute and hemp. Animal protein fibres include wool and silk. Man-made fibres made by industrial processes including nylon , polyester will be used in some hobbies and handicrafts and in the developed world. Almost all commercial textiles are produced by industrial methods. Textiles are still produced by pre-industrial processes in village communities in Asia, Africa and South America. Creating textiles using traditional manual techniques is an artisan craft practised as a hobby in Europe and North America.

The preparations for spinning is similar across most plant fibres, including flax and hemp. Flax is the fibre used to create linen. Cotton is handled differently since it uses the fruit of the plant and not the stem. Flax is pulled out of the ground about a month after the initial blooming when the lower part of the plant begins to turn yellow, and when the most forward of the seeds are found in a soft state.

It is pulled in handfuls and several handfuls are tied together with slip knot into a 'beet'. The string is tightened as the stalks dry. The seed heads are removed and the seeds collected, by threshing and winnowing. Retting is the process of rotting away the inner stalk, leaving the outer fibres intact. A standing pool of warm water is needed, into which the beets are submerged.

An acid is produced when retting, and it would corrode a metal container. When the retting is complete the bundles feel soft and slimy, The process can be overdone, and the fibres rot too. Dressing is removing the fibres from the straw and cleaning it enough to be spun. The flax is broken, scutched and hackled in this step.

Flax can either be spun from a distaff , or from the spinner's lap. Spinners keep their fingers wet when spinning, to prevent forming fuzzy thread. Usually singles are spun with an "S" twist. After flax is spun it is washed in a pot of boiling water for a couple of hours to set the twist and reduce fuzziness.

Many handspinners will buy a roving of flax. This roving is spun in the same manner as above. Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fibre that grows in a boll , or protective capsule, around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium. The fibre is almost pure cellulose. The plant is a shrub native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world, including the Americas, Africa, and India.

The greatest diversity of wild cotton species is found in Mexico, followed by Australia and Africa. The most favoured cottons are the ones with the longest staple as they can be spun into the finest thread. Sea Island and Egyptian are two of these. Surat an Indian species has a short staple. Hand operated methods of processing remained the preferred way of spinning and weaving the very finest threads and fabrics into the third quarter of the nineteenth century.

Yucca fibres were at one time widely used throughout Central America for many things. Currently they are mainly used to make twine. Yucca leaves are harvested and then cut to a standard size. The leaves are crushed in between two large rollers producing the fibres which are bundled up and dried in the sun over trellises. The dried fibres are combined into rolags. At this point it is ready to spin. The waste, a pulpy liquid that stinks, can be used as a fertilizer.

Wool is a protein based fibre, being the coat of a sheep. The wool is removed by shearing. Shearing can be done with use of hand-shears or powered shears. Professional sheep shearers can shear a sheep in under a minute, without nicking the sheep.

The fleece is removed in one piece. Second cuts can be made but produce only short fibres, which are more difficult to spin. Primitive breeds, like the Scottish Soay sheep have to be plucked, not sheared, as the kemps are still longer than the soft fleece, a process called rooing. Skirting is disposing of all wool that is unsuitable for spinning.

Recovering can be attempted. It can also be done at the same time as carding. The wool is cleaned. At this point the fleece is full of lanolin and often contains extraneous vegetable matter, such as sticks, twigs, burrs and straw. These may all be removed, though lanolin may be left in the wool till after the spinning, a technique known as spinning 'in the grease'.

Indeed, if the fabric is to be water repellent, lanolin is not removed at any stage. Washing the wool at this stage can be a tedious process. Some people wash it a small handful at a time very carefully, and then set it out to dry on a table in the sun. Others will wash the whole fleece. Lanolin is removed by soaking the fleece in very hot water. If the fleece gets agitated, it will become felt , and then spinning is impossible.

Felting , when done on purpose with needles, chemicals, or simply rubbing the fibres against each other , can be used to create garments.

It is possible to spin directly from a clean fleece, but it is much easier to spin a carded fleece. Carding by hand yields a rolag , a loose woollen roll of fibres. Using a drum carder yields a bat, which is a mat of fibres in a flat, rectangular shape. Carding mills return the fleece in a roving , which is a stretched bat; it is very long and often the thickness of a wrist.

A pencil roving is a roving thinned to the width of a pencil. It can used for knitting without any spinning, or for apprentices. Combing is another method to align the fibres parallel to the yarn, and thus is good for spinning a worsted yarn, whereas the rolag from handcards produces a woolen yarn. Hand spinning can be done by using a spindle or the spinning wheel. Spinning turns the carded wool fibres into yarn which can then be directly woven , knitted flat or circular , crocheted , or by other means turned into fabric or a garment.

The spinning wheel collects the yarn on a bobbin. A woollen yarn is lightly spun so it is airey, and is a good insulator and suitable for knitting, while a worsted yarn is spun tight to exclude air, and has greater strength and is suited to weaving.. Once the bobbin is full, the hobby spinner either puts on a new bobbin, or forms a skein , or balls the yarn. A skein is a coil of yarn twisted into a loose knot. Yarn is skeined using a niddy-noddy or other type of skein -winder.

Yarn is rarely balled directly after spinning, it will be stored in skein form, and transferred to a ball only if needed. Knitting from a skein, is difficult as the yarn forms knots, in this case it is best to ball. Yarn to be plied is left on the bobbin. A skein is either formed by the hobby spinner, on a niddy noddy or some other type of skein winder.

Traditionally niddy-noddys looked like an uppercase "i", with the bottom half rotated 90 degrees. Hobby spinning wheel manufactures also make niddy-noddys that attach onto the spinning wheel for faster skein winding. Plying yarn is when one takes a strand of spun yarn one strand is often called a single and spins it together with other strands in order to make a thicker yarn. Regular plying consists of taking two or more singles and twisting them together, the against their twist.

This can be done on a spinning wheel or on a spindle. If the yarn was spun clockwise which is called a "Z" twist , to ply, the wheel must spin counter-clockwise an "S" twist. This is the most common way. When plying from bobbins a device called a lazy kate is often used to hold them. Most hobby spinners who use spinning wheels ply from bobbins.

This is easier than plying from balls because there is less chance for the yarn to become tangled and knotted if it is simply unwound from the bobbins.

So that the bobbins can unwind freely, they are put in a device called a lazy kate , or sometimes simply kate. The simplest lazy kate consists of wooden bars with a metal rod running between them. Most hold between three and four bobbins.

Textile manufacturing by pre-industrial methods

Provide Feedback. Custom colors and widths available. Hemp fabrics are elastic, UV resistant, moisture wicking, antimicrobial and has a break strength of over pounds. Manufacturer of cellulosic fiber yarns made from flax, hemp and jute. Flax and jute yarns have a specific gravity of 1.

Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is produced primarily from plants in the genus Corchorus , which was once classified with the family Tiliaceae , and more recently with Malvaceae.

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Это чудесно и удивительно, - произнес он кротко. - Полагаю, что нам следует сходить к соседям и поздравить. - По-моему, ты можешь подождать до конца обеда, - Николь поглядела на одни из специальных часов, изготовленных для всех землян Ричардом. Они показывали время сразу и в человеческом исчислении, и в принятом у октопауков. - Патрик, Элли, Никки и Бенджи проторчали у Эпонины весь последний час, - продолжила она, - как только Синий Доктор отправился восвояси, оставив некоторые снимки маленького Мариуса.

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Синий Доктор сообщил мне два весьма неожиданных факта: во-первых, если приемный буфер оказывается совершенно пустым, менее чем через минуту наступает _немедленная_ смерть; во-вторых, октопауков-младенцев _учат_ следить за запасом еды.

Представьте. Они не ощущают голода. Заметив удивление на моем лице, Синий Доктор расхохотался (смех у них выражается последовательностью смешанных цветовых импульсов) и поспешно заверил меня, что внезапная гибель от голода не является основной причиной смертности среди октопауков. После трехчасового сна (я до сих пор не могу осилить весь долгий день октопауков, не вздремнув; из всей нашей группы лишь один Ричард способен спать, как они) Синий Доктор информировал меня о том, что, раз уж я проявила интерес к пищеварительному процессу, октопауки решили познакомить меня еще с парой примечательных особенностей своей биологии.

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to Regulate Commerce with Foreign Countries, to Encourage the Industries of the (Mr. Ransom submitted the following brief:) Brief or the Niagara Textile Co., American producer and are a great help to the foreign manufacturer of linens. industry in the production of flax, hemp, and ramie yarns in the United States.

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Вон там, - проговорил он, указывая на восьмиугольное сооружение около тридцати метров высотой, - располагаются наша библиотека и информационный На вопрос Ричарда Арчи ответил, что канал или ров полностью окружает "административный центр". - За исключением оказий, подобных сегодняшней, и без одобрения оптимизатора вход всем, кроме октопауков, сюда запрещен.

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Мы выждали как можно дольше, - проговорил Орел, - чтобы свести к минимуму время, которое тебе придется провести в неидеальных условиях. Однако мы приступили к подготовке следующей фазы наших действий.

Николь умолкла. Она не-могла говорить о Кэти без волнения. - Кеплер и Галилей уже заметили, что Патрик каждый день рядом с ними, - проговорила Эпонина. - Наи утверждает, что Галилей начинает ревновать. - А как она сама относится к вниманию Патрика.

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