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Warehouse means of fastening accessories for sanitary equipment,

Warehouse means of fastening accessories for sanitary equipment,

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This part provides definitions of terms and phrases used in this Zoning Code that are technical or specialized, or that may not reflect common usage. If the definitions in this part conflict with definitions in other provisions of the Municipal Code, these definitions shall control for the purposes of this Zoning Code.

If a word is not defined in this part, or elsewhere in this Zoning Code, the most common dictionary definition is presumed to be correct. As used in this Zoning Code, the following terms and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this part, unless the context in which they are used clearly requires otherwise. A part , Accessory Dwelling Unit Land Use. Illustrative examples of these structures include:.

Kiosks and carts for selling beverages, food, clothing, phones, toys, etc. Includes the retail sales of various products or the provision of services in a defined area that is located within a health care, hotel, office, or industrial complex for the purpose of serving employees or customers, and that is typically not visible from public streets. Illustrative examples of these uses include:. Properties that are separated by a public access easement, alley, public or private right-of-way, street other than arterial highways or commuter roadways identified in the Circulation Element of the General Plan , or by a creek, river, stream, or other natural or artificial waterway shall be considered as adjacent to one another.

Adult-Oriented Businesses Land Use. See Chapter 5. Affordable Housing Cost. For purposes of Chapter An AHIP indicates what proportion of the total number of housing units in a new residential development project are affordable to very low-income, low-income, and moderate-income households. Affordable Rent. Affordable Unit.

An ownership or rental housing unit, including senior housing, affordable to very low-income, low-income, and moderate-income households. The establishment shall include any immediately adjacent area that is owned, leased, rented, or controlled by the licensee. Does not include an establishment that sells alcoholic beverages as an accessory line of merchandise. Alcoholic beverages will be or are sold, served, or given away for consumption off the premises where sold, served, or given away;.

The establishment is applying for or has obtained an ABC License Type 20 off-sale beer and wine—package store or License Type 21 off-sale general—package store ; and. The sale of alcoholic beverages is accessory to the retail sale of food products and the display area for alcoholic beverages does not exceed thirty 30 percent of the net floor area of the use. Illustrative examples include convenience markets, drug stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets, but do not include convenience markets.

The establishment shall include any immediately adjacent area that is owned, leased or rented, or controlled by the licensee. Alcoholic beverages will be or are sold, served, or given away for consumption on site;. The establishment is applying for or has obtained a restricted license, seasonal license, or similar special purpose license e. The sale of alcoholic beverages is only accessory to a commercial recreation use. Illustrative examples include snack bars and concession stands at recreation facilities.

Does not include potbellied pigs. Includes potbellied pigs. See Chapter 7. This term includes the successor s -in-interest. May include incidental serving of alcoholic beverages. Places of worship, including limited associated accessory uses i. Also includes functionally related internal facilities i.

Does not include conference and meeting rooms that are accessory and incidental to another principal use and typically used only by on-site employees and clients, and that occupy less floor area on the site than the principal use they support.

Does not apply to retail point-of-sale transactions within a fully enclosed structure. Sometimes used for storage or mechanical equipment. This definition includes bow, oriel, greenhouse, and similar projecting windows. The seaward limit of a beach unless specified otherwise is the mean low water line. Also a nearly horizontal portion of the beach or backshore formed by the deposit of material by wave action. Examples of BMPs include public education and outreach, proper planning of development projects, as well as stormwater treatment and detention facilities.

A bluff may consist of a gently sloping upper area and a steeper lower area. In cases where the top edge of the bluff is rounded away from the face of the bluff as a result of erosional processes related to the presence of the steep bluff face, the bluff edge shall be defined as that point nearest the bluff beyond which the downward gradient of the surface increases more or less continuously until it reaches the general gradient of the bluff.

In a case where there is a step-like feature at the top of the bluff face, the landward edge of the topmost riser shall be taken to be the bluff edge. Bluff edges typically retreat landward due to erosion, landslides, development of gullies, or by grading cut. In areas where the bluff top or bluff face has been cut or notched by grading, the bluff edge shall be the landward-most position of either the current or historic bluff edge. In areas where fill has been placed near or over the historic bluff edge, the original natural bluff edge, even if buried beneath fill, shall be taken to be the bluff edge.

For bluffs not subject to marine erosion, the point where the downward slope of the bluff face first decreases to a grade of less than thirty-three 33 percent. Rental activities are incidental to the sales activities. Bulkheads may be directly bordered by water, or may have sloped stones riprap or sand beach between the bulkhead and the water and land areas. The residence is secondary or accessory to the principal nonresidential use of the site and houses a caretaker employed for security purposes or to provide hour care or monitoring of people, plants, animals, equipment, facilities, or other conditions on the site.

Includes an official residence maintained by a place of worship as a benefit to the spiritual leader e. Arcades or electronic games centers having three or more coin-operated game machines. Elements affecting compatibility include: intensity of occupancy, pedestrian or vehicular traffic generated, volume of goods handled, and environmental effects e.

Includes a condominium project, community apartment project, or stock cooperative, as defined in California Civil Code Section Contour lines are usually spaced into intervals for easier comprehension and utilization. Includes an establishment located within or associated with another use e. Children under the age of ten 10 years who reside in the dwelling count as children served by the day care facility.

Fifteen 15 or More Children. Fifteen 15 or More Adults. General day care establishments may be accessory to an industrial, commercial, or institutional use. For the purposes of Chapter For the purposes of all other sections of this Zoning Code, the deliberate removal or destruction of the frame or foundation of a portion of a structure. Detached Structure. Examples of discretionary permits include minor use permits, conditional use permits, and limited term permits.

A dormer is located below the highest point of a roof. Examples of typical dormers include eyelid or eyebrow dormers i. A driveway shall not be considered a street. Each dwelling is owned in fee, located on an individual lot, and is joined to another dwelling along a single lot line. Each dwelling is totally separated from the other by an unpierced wall extending from ground to roof. The dwelling is owned in fee and is located on an individual lot.

Contains separate or independent living facilities for one or more persons, with area or equipment for sleeping, sanitation and food preparation, and that has independent exterior access to ground level; or. Is being utilized for residential purposes by one or more persons separately or independently from occupants of other areas within the structure.

The presence of a range or oven, or utility connections suitable for servicing a range or oven, shall be considered as establishing a kitchen. An accessory dwelling unit also includes the following:. An efficiency unit, as defined in Section A manufactured home, as defined in Section of the Health and Safety Code, or any successor statute. Examples include right-of-way easements, utility easements, or view easements. Typically easements are recorded against real property by an instrument or subdivision map.

Eating and Drinking Establishments Land Use. Does not have an entrance separate from the principal use; and. Has hours of operation that are the same as those of the principal use. Persons under twenty-one 21 years of age are not allowed to enter and remain on the premises. A permanent menu board is provided from which to select and order food;. Trash receptacles are provided for self-service bussing; and. Alcoholic beverages are not sold, served, or given away on the premises.

If alcoholic beverages are sold, served, or given away on the premises, the use shall be considered a food service use. Food and beverages are served to the customer at a fixed location i.

Customers order and pay for food at either a counter or service window;. Incidental seating up to six seats may be provided for on-site consumption of food or beverages; and. Typical uses include bakeries, candy, coffee, nut and confectionery stores, ice cream and frozen dessert stores, small delicatessens, and similar establishments.

Seating is not provided for on-site consumption of food or beverages; and. For the purposes of this Zoning Code, the economic life of a structure shall be seventy-five 75 years. Also includes urgent care facilities and walk-in clinics. Does not include hedges, shrubs, trees, or other natural growth.

Typical examples include Federal- or State-regulated banks, savings and loan associations, savings banks, credit unions, and lending establishments, with automatic teller machines ATMs as an accessory use.

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This part provides definitions of terms and phrases used in this Zoning Code that are technical or specialized, or that may not reflect common usage. If the definitions in this part conflict with definitions in other provisions of the Municipal Code, these definitions shall control for the purposes of this Zoning Code. If a word is not defined in this part, or elsewhere in this Zoning Code, the most common dictionary definition is presumed to be correct.

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The application of the referenced standards shall be limited and as prescribed in section Unless otherwise expressly stated, the following words and terms shall, for the purposes of this code, have the meanings shown in this chapter. Words used in the present tense include the future; words stated in the masculine gender include the feminine and neuter; the singular number includes the plural and the plural, the singular. Where terms are not defined in this code and are defined in the International Energy Conservation Code, International Fuel Gas Code, fire code, mechanical code or plumbing code , such terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them as in those codes. Where terms are not defined through the methods authorized by this section, such terms shall have ordinarily accepted meanings such as the context implies. Masonry made of autoclaved aerated concrete AAC units, manufactured without internal reinforcement and bonded together using thin- or thick-bed mortar. A vessel, intended for fixed installation above grade, at grade, or below grade without backfill, used for the purpose of bulk storage, dispensing, handling or processing of hazardous, flammable or combustible liquids or gases and not connected to and utilized for the operation of building service equipment. A site, building, facility or portion thereof that complies with Chapter

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Thankfully, this collective fear and concern for the well being of the public has produced standards that allow us to avoid that headline if we but know them and adhere to them. We at MXD Process hope this document helps you understand the background for the process equipment side of the business and some guidance on where to find answers for the rest of your questions regarding food equipment safety and sanitary equipment standards for the food industry.

A fastener US English or fastening UK English [1] is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. In general, fasteners are used to create non-permanent joints; that is, joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components. Steel fasteners are usually made of stainless steel , carbon steel , or alloy steel. Other alternative methods of joining materials include: crimping , welding , soldering , brazing , taping , gluing , cement , or the use of other adhesives.

US2993212A - Prefabricated shower stall construction - Google Patents

Account Options Sign in. Federal Register , Volume 9, Issues Selected pages Page Page

July 25, A. Ruhm, S. Vine, Escondido, Calif. Filed Nov. Modern building advances, together with the high cost of construction, demand that building structures be constructed as expeditiously and soundly as is consonant with the basic building economies. In accordance therewith, the building industry has in recent years, emphasized the prefabrication of all or part of buildings such as dwellings, for instance.


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My invention includes novel means to fasten the wall sections to the basin member, and means to stiifen the wall sections, so as to provide rigidity of the entire.

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John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Important Information Includes details about the availability of printed and electronic versions of the Statutes. Table of Regulations.

Office supplies are consumables and equipment regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations, by individuals engaged in written communications, recordkeeping or bookkeeping, janitorial and cleaning, and for storage of supplies or data. The range of items classified as office supplies varies, and typically includes small, expendable, daily use items, consumable products, small machines, higher cost equipment such as computers, as well as office furniture and art.

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